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The Pixar Story est un film de genre Documentaire réalisé par Leslie Iwerks avec Stacy Keach

The Pixar Story (2007)

The Pixar Story
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The Pixar Story, directed by Leslie Iwerks, is a documentary of the history of Pixar Animation Studios. An early version of the film premiered at the Sonoma Film Festival in 2007, and it had a limited theatrical run later that year before it was picked up by the Starz cable network in the United States.

The film was released, outside North America, on DVD in summer 2008 as part of the "Ultimate Pixar Collection," a box set of Pixar films. It was then included as a special feature on the WALL-E special edition DVD and Blu-ray releases, which were launched on November 18, 2008.

The film premiered on BBC in the United Kingdom on August 24.


L'histoire du studio Pixar, de sa création jusqu'à la réalisation de "Ratatouille", en passant par ses déboires judiciaires et sa réconciliation avec Disney.


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