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The Piano Man's Daughter est un film canadien de genre Drame réalisé par Kevin Sullivan avec Wendy Crewson

The Piano Man's Daughter (2003)

The Piano Man's Daughter
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Durée 3h
Réalisé par
Genres Drame,    Historique
Note62% 3.1390853.1390853.1390853.1390853.139085

The Piano Man's Daughter is a television movie, adapted in 2003 by Sullivan Entertainment from the 1995 novel by Timothy Findley.

Rights to the novel's film adaptation were originally purchased by Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg acquired the film rights after reading the novel while in Toronto starring in Norman Jewison’s film “Bogus”. Deciding that as a Canadian novel it would be most appropriate to work with a Canadian film studio, Goldberg produced the film in collaboration with Kevin Sullivan.


A young man must deal with several generations of madness and familial intrigue in this screen adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Timothy Findley. Charlie Kilworth (Christian Campbell) is a young man whose mother, Lily (Stockard Channing), is the daughter of Frederick Wyatt (R.H. Thomson), the owner of a well-known piano manufacturing company. Lily is also a free-spirited and unstable woman, who bore Charlie out of wedlock, has had a number of lovers over the years, and has an unsettling fascination with fire. Lily's mother Ede (Wendy Crewson) has put her daughter in a mental hospital on several occasions, and is considering having Lily lobotomized. Charlie, meanwhile, has had affairs with a number of women but has never settled down with anyone; working as an events coordinator at a resort hotel, Charlie becomes infatuated with Alex Lamont (Sarah Strange), the singer in a dance band Charlie has booked into the ballroom. Lily urges her son to get married and raise a family, but Charlie isn't so sure he's ready for a lifetime commitment, and Alex becomes frustrated by Charlie's inability to take their relationship seriously. Meanwhile, Ede and Frederick have decided that Lily needs to be permanently committed to an institution; Charlie insists that they send her to a comfortable private facility, but then discovers that a mysterious benefactor has been supporting Lily for years, and Ede and Frederick have decided if Lily is to be in a private institution, then the generous stranger must be the one who pays for it. Surprisingly, The Piano Man's Daughter was co-produced by noted comic actress Whoopi Goldberg.


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