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The Messenger est un film Britannique de genre Drame avec Robert Sheehan

The Messenger (2015)

The Messenger
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Durée 1h41
Genres Drame,    Horreur
Note51% 2.557222.557222.557222.557222.55722

The Messenger is a 2015 British supernatural mystery horror film directed by David Blair and starring Robert Sheehan and Lily Cole.


A child grows up loving his father who took his life when he was a child. After the father's death the child is shown to have the ability to see and talk with souls who have not "gone into the light". The souls beg him to help with talking to their loved ones and all three are shown tortured mentally until the task is completed. It is shown that as a child is in and out of psychiatric clinics and hospitals thru adulthood. In the end he saves a lady who tried to kill herself and finally the constable and sister believe it is true. The psychiatrist still will not put her professional career on the line and still believe it is only within his mind and not the connection to the lost soul who asked his help to save the lady's life. He is always blamed for events that happen badly while he is trying to help the lost soul. He is always putting himself at risk to help the lost souls, but is never really thanked by the lost souls. During the story it is revealed to him that his nephew, the son of his sister, also sees lost souls, but has never told to anyone but him. The nephew tells him about a lost soul he sees that drowned in the pool, though unclear about how long ago the drowning occurred. The story ends with the reappearance to the sister's child, his nephew, a ghost of a boy who drowned in the pool from a family who had occupied the home prior to the sister and her family moving in. At the same time, the sister is at her brother's home sees a newspaper clipping several years ago about the death of the boy in her swimming pool.


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