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The Lone Wolf in London est un film américain de genre Policier réalisé par Leslie Goodwins avec Gerald Mohr

The Lone Wolf in London (1947)

The Lone Wolf in London
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Durée 1h8
Réalisé par
Genres Policier
Note58% 2.91252.91252.91252.91252.9125

The Lone Wolf in London is a 1947 American crime film directed by Leslie Goodwins and starring Gerald Mohr, Nancy Saunders and Eric Blore. The picture features the fictional detective the Lone Wolf who travels to London, and solves the mystery of some missing jewels. It was the penultimate Lone Wolf film, followed by The Lone Wolf and His Lady in 1949.


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Gerald Mohr

(Michael Lanyard)
Eric Blore

(Claudius Augustus Lucius Jamison)
Nancy Saunders

(Ann Klemscott)
Evelyn Ankers

(Iris Chatham)
Richard Fraser

(David Woolerton)
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