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The Last Best Year est un film réalisé par John Erman avec Mary Tyler Moore

The Last Best Year (1990)

The Last Best Year
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Durée 2h
Réalisé par
Note69% 3.453453.453453.453453.453453.45345

The Last Best Year is a drama television film, concerning a lonely woman who discovers that she has a terminal illness. This made-for-television movie co-starred Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters, two actresses known for playing comedic roles. It aired on ABC.


Jane (Bernadette Peters) visits a doctor (Brian Bedford) after becoming ill during a business trip. She is told that she has a terminal illness and is referred to a psychologist, Wendy Haller (Mary Tyler Moore), to help her in dealing with the emotional aspects of the illness. Jane, although successful at business, leads a solitary life except for occasional times she spends with her married lover, Jerry, who leaves her during her crisis. Reluctant to open herself emotionally at first, she soon warms to Wendy. Jane makes a last trip to visit her beloved Aunt Lizzie (Carmen Mathews).


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