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The House of Darkness est un film américain réalisé par D. W. Griffith avec Lionel Barrymore

The House of Darkness (1913)

The House of Darkness
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Durée 17minutes
Réalisé par
Note61% 3.0944653.0944653.0944653.0944653.094465

The House of Darkness is a 1913 American short drama film directed by D. W. Griffith.

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In the introduction a woman is shown descending into insanity after having lost her baby. As she mourns, she takes a blanket from the baby's cradle and starts rocking it as if it were her deceased child. This serves as an introduction to what kind of individuals that reside at the mental institution. The doctor at the hospital is also introduced as he proposes to a nurse.


Lionel Barrymore

(The Doctor)
Claire McDowell

(The Doctor's Wife)
Charles Hill Mailes

(The Lunatic aka The 'Unfortunate' Patient)
Lillian Gish

(The Nurse)
Dorothy Bernard

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