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The Girl Who Came Late est un film avec Miranda Otto

The Girl Who Came Late (1992)

The Girl Who Came Late
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Durée 1h22
Note49% 2.499782.499782.499782.499782.49978

The Girl Who Came Late aka Daydream Believer is a 1991 Australian romantic comedy film starring Miranda Otto, Martin Kemp and Gia Carides; and directed by Kathy Mueller. Otto was nominated for an Australian Film Institute Award for "Best Actress in a Lead Role". Otto was later Éowyn in The Lord of the Rings and starred in War of the Worlds.


The 'Girl' of the title is Nell Tiscowitz (Otto), a struggling actress with an affinity for horses. She meets wealthy Rock music promoter and stable owner Digby Olsen (Kemp bass guitarist of Spandau Ballet). Nell's best friend and flatmate, Wendy (Carides, later in Strictly Ballroom and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) provides dubious love-lorn advice. After Nell uses her 'telepathy' to help Digby tame horses they eventually fall in love.


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