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The Canadian est un film américain de genre Drame réalisé par William Beaudine avec Thomas Meighan

The Canadian (1926)

The Canadian
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Durée 1h20
Réalisé par
Genres Drame,    Romance
Note70% 3.53793.53793.53793.53793.5379

The Canadian is an extant 1926 silent film drama produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is based on a 1913 Broadway play, The Land of Promise, by W. Somerset Maugham. The film was directed by William Beaudine and starred Thomas Meighan. Meighan had costarred with Billie Burke in a 1917 silent film based on the same story, The Land of Promise. In both films he plays the same part. This film is preserved in the Library of Congress.


Thomas Meighan

(Frank Taylor)
Wyndham Standing

(Ed Marsh)
Dale Fuller

(Gertie Marsh)
Charles Winninger

(Pop Tyson)
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