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The Blue Bird est un film réalisé par Vassili Livanov avec Yury Yakovlev

The Blue Bird (1970)

The Blue Bird
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Durée 53minutes
Réalisé par
Note66% 3.3230453.3230453.3230453.3230453.323045

The Blue Bird (Russian: Синяя птица, Sinyaya Ptitsa) is a 1970 Soviet animated feature film based upon the play by Maurice Maeterlinck. It was directed by Vasily Livanov and made at the Soyuzmultfilm studio. It uses a mix of traditional and cutout animation.


Action begins in the big modern capitalist city. In search of food in the market the boy rescues a homeless Dog from the cruel seller. For it the old woman passing by who appeared the fairy gives it the Bluebird of happiness whom it is impossible neither to sell, nor to buy, but it is possible to present. He hides it on an attic among old things then to show it to the little sister.


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