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The Big Money est un film Britannique de genre Comédie réalisé par John Paddy Carstairs avec Ian Carmichael

The Big Money (1958)

The Big Money
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Genres Comédie
Note56% 2.8391452.8391452.8391452.8391452.839145

The Big Money is a 1958 British comedy film directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Ian Carmichael, Belinda Lee and Kathleen Harrison.

Diana Dors was originally cast as Gloria but turned down the role because she did not want to work with Joseph Janni. Once the film was completed its release was delayed for several years because Sir John Davis did not believe it was sufficiently funny.


Ian Carmichael as Willie is the bad seed of a family of thieves (father James Hayter, mother Kathleen Harrison, and sister, Jill Ireland). One day he heists a briefcase from a dodgy clergyman (Robert Helpmann) which is full of pound notes. Unfortunately, the notes all have the same serial number!


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