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The Argyle Case est un film américain de genre Horreur réalisé par Howard Bretherton avec Thomas Meighan

The Argyle Case (1929)

The Argyle Case
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Durée 1h25
Réalisé par
Genres Horreur

The Argyle Case (1929) is an all-talking pre-code murder horror film produced and released by Warner Bros., and directed by Howard Bretherton. The movie stars Thomas Meighan, H.B. Warner, Lila Lee, John Darrow and Zasu Pitts. The film was based on a play by Harriet Ford and Harvey J. O'Higgins.


A wealthy man is shot just as he reaches for the phone to call for the police. Suspicion falls on his ward (Lila Lee) as he has intended to change his will, which had left his entire estate to her, to share it equally with his nephew. The nephew, who is in love with Lee, calls in a private detective, who eventually finds it is the lawyer who is the criminal.


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