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Sunnyboy und Sugarbaby est un film de genre Comédie réalisé par Franz Josef Gottlieb avec Ekkehardt Belle

Sunnyboy und Sugarbaby (1979)

Sunnyboy und Sugarbaby
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Durée 1h29
Réalisé par
Genres Comédie
Themes Sexualité,    Erotique
Note42% 2.1324052.1324052.1324052.1324052.132405

She's 19 and Ready (also known as Sunnyboy und Sugarbaby) is a 1979 German sex comedy film.


The story centers on a rather uninhibited young woman named Eva (Sabine Wollin) and her two boyfriends - Stefan (Ekkehardt Belle) and Claus (Claus Obalski). Eva needs to decide which of the two is to be her "steady". While pondering that question, Eva inherits some overseas properties from a rich uncle. The three of them embark on a world tour to exotic places, meeting up with Eva's cousin Britta (Gina Janssen) along the way. At the film's conclusion, Eva's "choice" is to keep both young men as beaus.


Ekkehardt Belle

Orestes Ojeda

Ike Lozada

(Schwuler Geschäftsmann)
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