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Subterano est un film de genre Science-fiction réalisé par Esben Storm avec Alex Dimitriades

Subterano (2003)

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Subterano is a 2003 Australian science fiction film.

Esben Storm says he was inspired by the "automatic" weapons of war in Operation Desert Storm.

It's about God in a way. It's based on the lines from King Lear: `As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods. They kill us for their sport'. One of the themes is: if there is a God, what if that God is a prick; what if that God is just a bastard? For one of the characters, when he thinks that, it all makes sense, it makes sense of the world, that the world is such a slimy world of greed and selfishness and anguish and pain that the only way that it can make any sense is if the person who created the whole thing is... it's all a macabre joke. It's almost the opposite of Genesis 1: `We were made in God's image and likeness'. If you say, `We are sinful, horrible, we're in God's likeness, therefore that's what God is like'.


Conrad, tueur en série, s'échappe de prison grâce à l'aide de sa petite amie. Dans sa cavale, il se retrouve piégé dans un parking en compagnie de junkies, d'un comptable alcoolique et d'un agent de sécurité atteint de graves troubles psychologiques. Ainsi réunis, ils devront se plier aux exigences d'un dangereux psychopathe, bien décidé à leur faire jouer une partie de son jeu vidéo préféré “Subterano”, mais dans la réalité...


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