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Strictly Business est un film américain de genre Comédie réalisé par Kevin Hooks avec Tommy Davidson

Strictly Business (1991)

Strictly Business
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Durée 1h23
Réalisé par
Genres Comédie,    Romance
Note55% 2.753582.753582.753582.753582.75358

Strictly Business is an 1991 American comedy film directed by Kevin Hooks, and starring Tommy Davidson, Joseph C. Phillips, and Halle Berry. The supporting cast includes Anne-Marie Johnson, David Marshall Grant, Jon Cypher, and Samuel L. Jackson. The film follows the ways of a mail clerk as he tries to hook his executive friend up with his clubbing girl pal and plays on comedy, business, romance, and ethics. It features a young Sam Rockwell, and the R&B group Jodeci right before their musical success. The film was shot at various locations in New York City. The prime location used in shooting the film was Manhattan. The film was released on November 8, 1991 and was made available for a selected audience rather than being widely released.


Party boy Bobby is a mail clerk in a big firm, but he has a trump card, an executive at the firm he works for; Waymon, an African-American who is almost a partner in the firm. They make a deal: Waymon will try to move Bobby to the trainee broker program if he will help him meet Natalie(original party girl) the girl of his dreams. There's only one problem, everyone will have to change, to adapt


Tommy Davidson

Joseph C. Phillips

(Waymon Tinsdale III: Waymon is a big business man who is about to be made a partner at the firm if he can close out a big deal. He is stuck in an unhappy relationship and by chance bumps into the woman of his dreams while out to lunch one day. His frien)
Anne-Marie Johnson

David Marshall Grant

Jon Cypher

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