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Sprung est un film de genre Comédie réalisé par Rusty Cundieff avec Tisha Campbell-Martin

Sprung (1997)

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Durée 1h45
Réalisé par
Genres Comédie,    Comédie romantique,    Romance
Note51% 2.55942.55942.55942.55942.5594

Sprung is a 1997 comedy film, written and directed by Rusty Cundieff. This film stars Cundieff, Tisha Campbell, Joe Torry, and Paula Jai Parker. It grossed $7,575,028 at the US box office.


Set in 1990s Pittsburgh. Montel (Rusty Cundieff) and Clyde (Joe Torry) are friends who couldn't be less alike. An introverted photographer, Montel wants to meet the one right girl for him and settle down to build a family, while Clyde is a flamboyant womanizer just out for a good time. At a party, they meet Adina (Paula Jai Parker), a sexy golddigger seeking a wealthy husband with robotic determination, and her shy law clerk friend Brandy (Tisha Campbell-Martin). The couples pair off in predictable combinations, but while the brief encounter between Clyde and Adina quickly implodes when she discovers that Clyde's success is an act and his Porsche is borrowed, the relationship between Montel and Brandy blooms into a true romance. Eventually, they decide to move in together, motivating Clyde and Adina to reunite in a selfish scheme to break their best friends up using whatever treacherous means they can employ.


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