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Smiley est un film américain de genre Drame avec Melanie Papalia

Smiley (2012)

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Durée 1h35
Genres Drame,    Thriller,    Horreur,    Slasher
Note34% 1.7145651.7145651.7145651.7145651.714565

Smiley is a 2012 American psychological slasher film directed by Michael Gallagher and made by Level 10 Films. The film stars were Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Keith David, Shane Dawson, Andrew James Allen, Toby Turner, and Liza Weil. The film was released on October 12, 2012.


The plot revolves around the titular Smiley killer, the subject of an Internet myth. Supposedly, if a person on a ChatRoulette-style website types the phrase "I did it for the lulz" three times, their chat partner will be murdered by a killer called Smiley, so named because he mutilated his own face by stitching his own eyes shut and carved his mouth into a smile.


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