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Small Claims: The Reunion est un film de genre Drame avec Claudia Karvan

Small Claims: The Reunion (2005)

Small Claims: The Reunion
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Genres Drame
Note63% 3.1785553.1785553.1785553.1785553.178555

Small Claims: The Reunion is an Australian television movie starring Rebecca Gibney and Claudia Karvan, which first aired on Network Ten in 2006. The film was a co-production with subscription television and was also broadcast on the Foxtel, Austar, and Optus Television Subscription Television services. The series was written by husband and wife team, Keith Thompson and Kaye Bendle.

This is part one of a mystery series about two overworked young mums, de-skilled beyond their worst nightmares, who become a formidable pair of sleuths, directed by Cherie Nowlan. Their cases are the murders, greed and dark passions that lurk behind the anonymous facade of the suburbs.


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