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Sista kontraktet est un film de genre Thriller réalisé par Kjell Sundvall avec Michael Kitchen

Sista kontraktet (1998)

Sista kontraktet
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Durée 1h47
Réalisé par
Genres Thriller
Note61% 3.0989253.0989253.0989253.0989253.098925

The Last Contract (Swedish: Sista kontraktet) is a 1998 Swedish thriller film directed by Kjell Sundvall. It is a work of fiction about the circumstances surrounding the actual murder of the Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme on 28 February 1986. A Swedish police officer (played by Mikael Persbrandt) discovers the plan to assassinate Palme and tries to prevent it. The film also starrs Pernilla August, Reine Brynolfsson and Cecilia Ljung.

The film is based on a novel by an anonymous writer, who used the pseudonym "John W. Grow", which suggests that a British professional assassin (played by Michael Kitchen) was hired to kill Olof Palme.


The film suggests that a British professional hit-man was hired by the CIA to assassinate the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, because of Palme's stance on nuclear weapons in Scandinavia . The hit-man (Michael Kitchen) works for money alone and is very careful. He finds a Norwegian man that hates the Swedish P.M. He also involves a man to be blamed (this character is Christer Pettersson, originally convicted of the real assassination, but freed on appeal). The Norwegian man kills Palme just as his wife notices Christer Pettersson. Soon afterwards the hitman kills the killer, and all traces pointing to the professional hitman are gone.


Michael Kitchen

(John Gales alias Ray Lambert)
Mikael Persbrandt

(Roger Nyman)
Pernilla August

(Nina Nyman)
Reine Brynolfsson

(Bo Ekman)
Bjørn Floberg

(Tom Nielsen, the hitman)
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