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Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene (2015)

Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene
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Note50% 2.5250352.5250352.5250352.5250352.525035

Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene is a 2015 bollywood, comedy thriller film directed by Gurmmeet Singh and produced by Devinder Jain and Akhilesh Jain featuring Zayed Khan, Rannvijay Singh and Tena Desae in lead roles.The concept was given by Anand Kumar and Rajesh Chawla whereas dialogues was written by Rajesh Chawla and Vivek Chaudhary Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene is a comic thriller and deals with a common man who gets trapped in a notion that honesty is a best policy but sometimes, especially in today times that is not a best option and you have to bend the rules to safeguard yourself more than getting ahead in life. Zayed is playing the main role of Prithvi Khurana. Ranvijay is playing his roommate-Sam the main girl is Tina Desai-it is going to be her first film and there is another girl-Talia Benson. Upon release, the film received mixed reviews.


Prithvi Khuranna (Zayed Khan), a middle class working professional, who has to work in order to survive in the city and also to pay the landlord's rent plus other 'unavoidable' expenses. One day he discovers that his account has been credited with 100 crores! Finding it hard to believe, he calls up the bank's customer care. And when he hears that his account has been upgraded into a 'platinum class'. Even before the news can sink in his system, he gets a call from an 'unknown number' with caller claiming that his name is 'Dawood'. Dawood then, 'orders' Prithvi to get into a mutually profitable deal with him, as he has to deliver the money time to time at different places to dawood's lady hechmen Rasheeda (Talia Bentson). Prithvi immediately calls up his roommate Sam (Rannvijay Singh) who thrives on women and money (easy money, to be precise), to share the news with him. Just when the duo is busy planning as to what to do with the whopping amount, the bank's Vice President D.K. Thawani (Anupam Kher) lands up at his doorstep to offer his personalised service to his 'esteemed customer'. All of this startles Prithvi to no end. Seeing Prithvi behave 'abnormally', his ever-so-concerned girlfriend Megha (Tena Desae), who is a TV journalist by profession, immediately calls her top-cop uncle G.S. Chaddha (Yuri Suri), who then, starts tracking Prithvi's phone calls. Prithvi's confidence levels take a U-turn when he discovers that D.K. Thawani is actually Dawood's man in disguise of a bank manager. Just as when things are getting settled down, life again takes a U-turn for Prithvi when he hears the breaking news about Dawood's sudden death on TV channels. Needless to say that, Dawood's death only means that Prithvi becomes the sole owner of the remaining 60 crores in his bank account.


Zayed Khan

(Prithvi Khurana)
Rannvijay Singh

Tina Desai

Anupam Kher

(the bank's Vice President D.K. Thawani)
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