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Scumbus est un film de genre Comédie avec Ed Kavalee

Scumbus (2012)

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Genres Comédie
Note54% 2.7309052.7309052.7309052.7309052.730905

Scumbus is an Australian comedy film written and produced by Ed Kavalee. The film stars Kavalee, Toby Truslove and Lachy Hulme. It was filmed in Melbourne, Victoria.

^ "Don't bother calling Mick, he'll call you." The Age, 21 January 2011

^ "Dave's instant role in Kavalee film." Herald Sun, 2 February 2011


After losing their badges and crashing their Police car into a McDonald's Restaurant, two constables are given the worst duty of all, they must Man the Scumbus.


Ed Kavalee

(Constable Tommy Murphy)
Lachy Hulme

(Adam Yeardley)
Christian Clark

Glenn Robbins

(Senior Sergeant Brett Chester)
Tony Martin

Samantha Tolj

(Detective Amy French)
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