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Samurai Cowboy est un film de genre Western avec Hiromi Go

Samurai Cowboy (1994)

Samurai Cowboy
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Durée 1h36
Genres Western
Note62% 3.1466953.1466953.1466953.1466953.146695

Samurai Cowboy is a film shot with the participation of the Alberta Motion Picture Development Corporation and Monarch Home video. This low budget movie was filmed with Japanese star Hiromi Go. The movie was filmed in 1993 in Southern Alberta, more specifically, Waterton Lakes National Park. The movie follows a Japanese businessman who becomes disillusioned with his life after his best friend dies. He moves to Montana to follow a childhood dream of becoming a cattle rancher. Also starring in the movie was Robert Conrad, Matt McCoy, Catherine Mary Stewart and Conchata Ferrell.


Hiromi Go

(Yutaka Soto)
Catherine Mary Stewart

(Jessie Collins)
Robert Conrad

(Gabe McBride)
Matt McCoy

(Colt Wingate)
Conchata Ferrell

(Bobbi Bob Pickette)
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