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Rising Stars est un film américain de genre Drame avec Kyle Riabko

Rising Stars (2010)

Rising Stars
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Durée 1h30
Genres Drame,    Musical
Note41% 2.058082.058082.058082.058082.05808

Rising Stars is a 2010 American teen musical drama film. The film was directed by Dan Millican. Rising Stars stars Kyle Riabko, Lauren Ashley Carter, Leon Thomas III, Fisher Stevens, Barry Corbin, and Rebecca St. James and follows three teen musical groups competing in a music video competition. The film is distributed by Screen Media Films and was released to three theaters on October 22, 2010.


A family musical with heart, Rising Stars explores the sacrifices that come with fame in reality television-obsessed culture. Challenged with creating songs and music videos, three musical acts find more than their futures on the line when the competition gets fierce and their lives are caught on tape broadcast to the nation. Egos clash and worlds collide as these teens find how far they will go to win the coveted prize and achieve stardom.


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