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Rats and Cats est un film de genre Drame avec Adam Zwar

Rats and Cats (2007)

Rats and Cats
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Genres Drame,    Comédie
Note60% 3.0496753.0496753.0496753.0496753.049675

Rats and Cats is a 2007 Australian comedy film.


Adam Zwar

Paul Denny
Jason Gann

(Darren McWarren)
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Kenny is a mockumentary that follows the fictional Kenny through his daily life. His work and his personal relationships are explored as Kenny goes about his day-to-day activities and speaks directly to the camera and his audience. Kenny provides a most basic service to the community: portable toilets. The audience sees Kenny interviewing potential clients and involved in major public events. It is important to Kenny to know the kind of food and drink to be served at these events as this will determine the level of service he provides. Never ashamed of his job, despite the disparagement of some (including his own family), Kenny regards himself as a professional. Even at the most prestigious events for which he caters, Kenny realises that the most glamorous will need his portable toilets. He sees life in all of its complexities through the need of his services. Kenny takes his son Jesse to visit his father, but is hampered by his ex-wife's uncooperativeness and his father's bitterness. When Kenny travels to Nashville to attend a toilet convention, he is thrilled to travel outside his native Melbourne. His ingenuousness, friendship and commitment to his profession opens business opportunities in Japan and the potential for a new relationship with Jackie, a flight attendant, but he must return home prematurely when his father suffers a medical emergency. In an attempt at bonding, Kenny and his father and his wealthy brother David go camping. After half a day, David leaves in disdain, to which Kenny tries to defend prompting his father to tell Kenny to step out of his brothers shadow and stick up for himself, a conversation with his father back in the tent prompts Kenny to consider his life. He reveals that his success in Nashville has led to the offer of a promotion, and though his father urges him to accept, Kenny is unsure. When Kenny's ex-wife unexpectedly leaves him with Jesse on the day of the Melbourne Cup, his busiest day of the year, Kenny finds Jesse to be an able and cheerful assistant. However, prejudice against his work again appears, with customers complaining that a child should not be made to clean toilets, and Kenny remands Jesse to the office. When he returns to find Jesse gone, Kenny searches the venue in a panic and eventually finds Jesse at the toilets, wanting to help again. That night, as he is about to drive away in his septic tank truck after a long and exhausting day, Kenny's way is blocked by a luxury car whose driver insensitively brushes off his requests to move. Kenny eventually breaks habit to fill the mans car with human waste, a suggestion that perhaps Kenny has decided to stick up for himself a little bit more. Finally, Kenny declines the opportunity to become an executive and seeks out Jackie to renew their relationship.
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Valérie au pays des merveilles, 1h17
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Thèmes L'adolescence, L'enfance, Magie, La musique, Religion, Sexualité, Bisexualité, Homosexualité, Vampire, Enfants et les adolescents LGBT, LGBT, La virginité, LGBT, Lesbianisme
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Le Furet (Jacques Villeret), un être mystérieux et insaisissable, circule dans les égouts et le métro. Il vient d’assassiner son quatrième truand. L’inspecteur Bart est totalement désorienté : qui est le Furet ? Un modeste serrurier espérant faire fortune, un être sans relief qu’un membre de la pègre s’imagine contrôler. Mais le Furet est-il contrôlable ?
Lolita malgré moi, 1h37
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Origine Etats-Unis
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Thèmes L'adolescence, Le thème de l'éducation, L'enfance, Sexualité, Homosexualité, Harcèlement à l'école, Teen movie, LGBT, LGBT
Acteurs Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lizzy Caplan, Lacey Chabert, Tim Meadows, Amanda Seyfried
Note71% 3.550663.550663.550663.550663.55066
Après avoir vécu toute son enfance en Afrique, Cady Heron emménage à Evanston dans l'Illinois. Ses parents sont zoologistes et elle a jusque-là vécu avec eux au contact des animaux sauvages et suivant des cours par correspondance.
Le Voyeur
Le Voyeur (1970)
, 1h38
Réalisé par Franco Indovina
Origine Italie
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Timothy Dalton, Marcello Mastroianni, Virna Lisi
Note64% 3.2255753.2255753.2255753.2255753.225575
Un mari s'ennuyant dans son mariage et dans sa vie, incite sa femme à prendre un amant.
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Note62% 3.1428053.1428053.1428053.1428053.142805
Mati, surnommée « Madame Brouette », décide de quitter son mari pour mener une vie solitaire. Elle tombe un jour amoureuse de Naago, un policier. Peu après, un matin, un homme armé surgit dans la maison et donne des coups de feu. Mortellement touché, l'homme s'effondre devant la porte. Étonnamment, Mati avoue être coupable.