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Payback Season est un film Britannique de genre Drame avec Adam Deacon

Payback Season (2012)

Payback Season
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Durée 1h28
Genres Drame,    Action
Note36% 1.827051.827051.827051.827051.82705

Payback Season is a British drama film that was released to cinemas on March 9, 2012. The film was directed by Danny Donnelly, and stars Adam Deacon, Nichola Burley and Leo Gregory.


Jerome (Adam Deacon), is a successful young footballer, who in the midst of playing the most important season of his career. When he goes to visit his mom on the housing estate he grew up on, he accidentally bumps into some of his old childhood friends, lead by drug dealing loanshark and gangster Baron (David Ajala). Jerome offers to take the lads on a night out - but Baron, living in jealousy of Jerome's success, takes advantage of the situation and asks him for £10,000 to tide over his cashflow problem. Jerome agrees to give him the money, but no sooner does he do so, he finds that Baron has enlisted his younger brother Aaron (Liam Donnelly) to help him on a hit. When he confronts Baron, Baron informs him that in order to keep his brother safe, he will need to stump up another £10,000. Not realising that he is being blackmailed, Jerome agrees. A week later, Baron threatens him for more money. Realising that he is being taken for a mug, he enlists the help of his trainer Andy (Leo Gregory) to inform Baron that he won't be getting any more money. However, the warning soon backfires on Jerome when Baron trashes his car and attacks Andy with a knife, leaving him in intensive care. With no choice but to put a stop to Baron, Jerome arrives at his flat to confront him, only to be stabbed in the leg by Baron in the process. With time slowly running out, the arrival of one of Baron's heavies stops a fight between the two. Baron orders him to shoot Jerome, only for him to shoot Baron before running away. Jerome is left on the floor, breathing heavily.


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