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One Got Fat est un film américain de genre Documentaire avec Edward Everett Horton

One Got Fat (1963)

One Got Fat
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Durée 15minutes
Note62% 3.1434853.1434853.1434853.1434853.143485

One Got Fat is a 1963 bicycle safety film. It is narrated by F-Troop and Fractured Fairy Tales star Edward Everett Horton.


In the film, ten friends, who are children with monkey faces and tails, plan on going to the park for a picnic. They all ride there on their bikes, but each one meets a different fate on their way to the park as a result of their failure to follow specific bike safety rules (like not making hand signals, not reading traffic signs, not riding with traffic, riding double, or riding on the sidewalk). One by one, each of the friends makes a mistake and suffers a horrible fate. In the end, only one of the friends (who not only followed all the bike safety rules, but is also a normal human, whose face is not shown until the very end) makes it to the park and eats all the food by himself. At the start of the PSA, Slim gave the human his picnic because it was large and the human had a rear basket. Seeing this, the others persuaded him to take their food, meaning he has it at the end. Thus, as the title says, "One got fat!" Three of the Monkeys are seen in hospital beds.


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