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NVA est un film de genre Comédie avec Detlev Buck

NVA (2005)

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Durée 1h38
Genres Comédie
Themes Bidasses
Note57% 2.854112.854112.854112.854112.85411

NVA is a German film comedy released in 2005 that involves two friends who serve in the National People's Army of the former DDR. It was directed by Leander Haussmann, who together with Brussig Thomas also wrote the screenplay. The film caricatures the life of the National People's Army (abbreviated: NVA) in the final years of East Germany.


Detlev Buck

(Oberst Kalt)
Jasmin Schwiers

(Marie Kalt)
Torsten Michaelis

(Hauptmann Stummel)
Maxim Mehmet

(Unteroffizier Aurich)
Katharina Thalbach

(Röntgenschwester Inge)
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