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Nos voisins, les hommes est un film américain de genre Comédie réalisé par Karey Kirkpatrick sorti en France le 5 juillet 2006 avec Bruce Willis

Nos voisins, les hommes (2006)

Over the Hedge

Nos voisins, les hommes
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Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Didn't you see it? It was in a box. They always got food with them. We eat to live; these guys live to eat! Let me show you what I'm talking about. [as he speaks he shows the other animals what humans do] The human mouth is called a 'piehole'. The human being is called a 'couch potato'. [signifies telephone] That is a device to summon food. [signifies doorbell] That is one of the many voices of food. [signifies front door] That is the portal for the passing of food. [signifies motorcycle] That is one of the many food transportation vehicles. Humans bring the food, take the food, ship the food; they drive food; they wear the food! [signifies "grill"] That gets the food hot! [signifies "cooler"] That keeps the food cold! [signifies turtle piñata] That... I'm not sure what that is. [kids break the turtle piñata and Verne yells] Well, what do you know? FOOD! [signifies table where family prays before dinner] That is the altar where they worship food. [signifies advert for Seltzer] That's what they eat when they've too much food! [signifies treadmill] That gets rid of the guilt so they can eat more food! Food, food, food, food, FOOOOOOOOODD!! So, you think they have enough? [everybody nods] Well, they don't. For humans, enough is never enough and what do they do with the stuff they don't eat? They put it in gleaming silver cans, just for us! [opens the trash cans and knocks them over] Dig in!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [pointing to a map of Gladys' backyard] There are traps here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here... here, here, here, here, here... big one here and maybe a few over here.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [Verne is about to eat a diaper] That's a diaper, and that does come out of a wazoo.


Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Oh, oh! I can burp my ABC'S! [burping] A, B, C--

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [in sing-song voice] I got the cookie.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [hands R.J. a caffeine drink] Here. I'm not supposed to drink this.


Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [as he and RJ are about to fall] You're the devil.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Hammy, what weird thing? [as he comes to a stop at a long hedge] Oh... that weird thing.


Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook All right, RJ. I'm going back to sleep. When that moon's full, I'm waking up and all my stuff had better be right back where it was.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [to RJ as he watches the stars and the full moon] Moon's full, RJ. See you in the morning! [the moon that turned into a Spuddies chip and he ate the chip]


Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook So we're supposed to starve 'cause your butt is vibratin'?

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook I'm gonna gas you so hard, your grandchildren will stink!


Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook This face was bred for beauty. I cannot smell a thing.


Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Verne: You know, RJ, uh, just for the record, if you had told us that all that food you were trying to get was to pay back an angry bear, we would've given it to you.
RJ: Really?
Verne: Yeah, that's what families do. They look out for each other.
RJ: I never really had anything like that.
Verne: I know. But believe me, this, this is the gateway to the goodlife.
RJ: Really wish you've told me that sooner.
Verne: Well, that's bad communication. Also something families do.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Tiger: Away with your filth!
Stella: My filth? MY FILTH?!
Penny: Oh, jeepers, her we go.
Stella: Okay, that's it. I am so sick and tired of everybody taking one look at me and running away because they think I'm filthy! WELL, I'VE got NEWS for you, I didn't got all primped and preened to have some overfed pompous puffball tell me he's too good for me. I GOT MAKEUP ON MY BUTT, DUDE and you don't even want to know about the cork!
Tiger: Stop! No one has ever spoken to me like that! [pause] ...It is bold. I like it.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook RJ: [getting out Monopoly game pieces] Now, this is us.
Hammy: Can I be the car?!
Bucky: I wanna be the car!
Spike: I'm the car! You be the shoe!
Bucky: The shoe's lame.
Lou: Why not be that snazzy lookin' iron there?
RJ: Hey, it's not important! Besides, I'm the car! I'm always the car!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Penny: [referring to the hedge] I'd feel better if I just knew what it was called.
Hammy: Let's call it Steve!
Verne: Steve?
Hammy: It's a pretty name.
Heather: Steve sounds nice.
Penny: I'm a lot less scared of Steve.
Ozzie: [kneeling before the hedge] Oh, great and powerful Steve, what do you want?!
Verne: I don't think it could speak.
"Steve" (woman): I heard that, young man! [everybody gasps] You get over here right now!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Spike: [while driving the van, the others are arguing] Hey, no fighting while we're driving!
Quillo: We will turn this van around, mister! [pause]
Lou: [points at Verne] ...He started it.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Dr. Phil: Get real, Kevin, 'cause when you feel like a dirtbag, it's because you're a dirtbag, right? So just say it out loud, 'I am a dirtbag'.
Lou: A dirtbag? I don't think that guy's a real doctor.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Hammy: [after RJ opens a Doritos packet] What is THHAAAAAT!?!
RJ: That, my friend, is a magical combination of corn flour, dehydrated cheese solids, BHA, BHT and good old MSG; A.K.A. the Chip: Nacho Cheese flavor.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Police Officer: Now, you do realize that was a Depelter Turbo.
Gladys: Officer, please. This Verminator sold it to me. This has nothing to do with me.
Police Officer: Hey, hey, it was in your yard, your name's on the contract, so you can tell it to the judge.
Gladys: Oh, please, it's not my fault, let go of me...!
Police Officer: Ma'am...
Gladys: [yelling] I can't be arrested! I am president of the Homeowners Association!
Dwayne: She's getting away! [quietly as she is fighting the police] Get her. [he climbs over a fence and accidentally steps on a squeak toy]
Nugent the Dog: Play? Play!
Dwayne: Oh, no. No, no, no, no...! [there is a bite heard] AAAAAHH!!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Hammy: Wanna help me find my nuts?
RJ: Very tempting, Hammy, very tempting. But first, I wanna show you... this! (shows Hammy a cookie) You like this cookie?
Hammy: Oh, ho, ho!
RJ: Well, this cookie's JUNK!! (throws the cookie out)
Hammy: (mournfully) But I like a cookie.
RJ: Easy, easy, don't worry. I know where to find cookies so great, they'll hand delivered by personal owners.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Vincent: Wow.
RJ: Vincent.
Vincent: So, I was just on my way down here to kill you, but I stopped to watch the show and I gotta say... that right there, is a thing of beauty. That is the most vicious, deceitful, self-serving thing I've ever seen. [Chuckles] Classic, RJ. You take the food and they take the fall. You keep this up, you're gonna end up just like me... having everything you ever wanted.
RJ: But I already had that.
Vincent: What, them? Who are you kidding? You said it yourself, you're "a family of one". Always will be. It's how guys like you and me survive. So, a few saps got hurt in the process. Tough, that's life. Trust me, you don't need them.
RJ: Actually, I do... and right now, they really need me. So, I really need this! [Takes the wagon with all the food]
Vincent: (enraged) RRRJJJJJ!!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook RJ: Now listen up. What we're going for here is a vicious, man-eating rabid squirrel. Can you handle that?
Hammy: (raises hand) Umm, excuse me.
RJ: Yes... Hammy?
Hammy: Rabbits aren't vicious, they're all cute and cuddly, so...
RJ: "Rabid", not "rabbit".
Hammy: Oohhh. (confused) ...What?

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [Quillo jumps onto a remote control]
Quillo: Uh-oh! [Quillo has tuned a THX logo]
Tiger: What was that?
Stella (disguised as a cat): That's just the sound of my heart. Can't you hear it? MMMMMMEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW...
Spike: This way, this way! [he and Bucky switches the channel to Gladys sleeping. Quillo falls over from the loud logo.]
RJ: Okay, okay, we're good! Go back to work! [Ozzie throws a can to Penny, who throws it to Spike, who throws it to Heather.]
Heather: (to Verne) Here, catch! [Verne catches the can then throws it to Lou. Lou rolls the can down a transparent paper roll and then Hammy grabs can by can and puts it into the wagon. Penny jumps off of a cupboard with marshmallows stuck on her quills and grabs a cookie box. Lou tries to hold a plate with strawberry gelatin.]
Lou: Oh, boy. (drops the plate) (gasps) [Heather catches the plate of gelatin. Hammy was still catching food sliding or rolling down the transparent sheet.]
RJ: YES! We're gonna make it!
Tiger: My father, he had an exceptionally flat face. It was so beautiful, he could barely breathe!
Stella: Fascinating! [The mountain of food in the wagon has grown in the morning.]
Tiger: ...Inside, I have a multi-leveled climby thing with a shag carpet. COME! I'll show you!
Stella: NO, no! I haven't told you about my life.
RJ: Good, good! Going great, going great! [A coffee machine beeps.]
Verne: (pointing to the coffee machine) What is that?
RJ: That is what gets the humans out of bed in the morning. [Verne and RJ turn to the TV where Gladys is gone.]
Everyone: AAAAAH!
Quillo: Where'd she go? [Gladys comes down the stairs]
Verne: Get down and stay down! [Bucky, Quillo, and Spike hide under a magazine, and the rest of the animals run behind the counter.]
Gladys: (yawns)
Verne: Move, move! [Gladys pours the coffee into a cup. The animals, including RJ, scootch up to look closer. Gladys opens up the cabinet and pulls out a box... with a can of Spuddies behind.] Come on! We've gotta go before she comes back!
RJ: No! Not without those Spuddies!
Verne: What?
RJ: Lou, Penny, back to the TV! Heather, keep an eye on that human!
Heather: I'm on it, RJ!
Ozzie: No! Heather, wait!
Verne: [begins to feel his tail tingle again.] The tingle, the tingle. RJ, the wagon's full! Let's get out of here!
RJ: Hang on, Vincent! This will only take a second!
Verne: "Vincent"?
Verne: Who's Vincent?
RJ: Oh. Verne, Vincent, simple slip of the bear. TONGUE! Uh, erm... Just bear with me is what I... meant to say. There's no bear! [RJ climbs on the bottle rack to get to the Spuddies. Meanwhile, Heather is trying to distract Gladys by copying Ozzie.]
Gladys: Hmm? Oh!
Heather: Lights fading, limbs growing co-- [Gladys kicks down the stairs while Ozzie watches in horror.]
Ozzie: Heather...?
[As Gladys walks down the stairs, she realizes that she made herself sick by killing Heather. She runs back upstairs into her room. Ozzie runs towards what seems to be Heather's lifeless body.]
Ozzie: Oh, Heather...!
Gladys: [Meanwhile, she's talking to the Verminator on the phone.] There's a dead white rat on my staircase!
[Heather's eyes suddenly opened. It turned out she was playing dead]
Ozzie: I thought you were dead.
Heather: I learned from the best, Dad.
Ozzie: That's my girl.
RJ: [He's still trying to reach the Spuddies can.] Come to papa!
Ozzie: We'd better hurry! We don't have much time!
Verne: [grabs to RJ's tail] What's going on, RJ?
Verne: Well then, let's get out of here because we have what we need!
RJ: No, we don't!
Verne: What are you talking about? We have more than enough!
RJ: (snaps) Hey, listen! I've got about this long to hand over that wagon load of food to a homicidal bear and if these Spuddies aren't on the menu, then I WILL BE!! NOW, LET GO OF MY TAIL!!
Verne: (shocked) What...?
RJ: LET GO!! [RJ finally grabs the Spuddies can, but Verne gets shocked as RJ loses his balance. RJ and Verne falls off of the cabinet dropping the Spuddies can, jalapeno peppers, boxes, and a metal grape punch bowl. RJ lands flat on his belly, and as Verne lands on the kitchen floor, he hides in his shell. Stella (with her stripes nearly revealed) notices the crash but thankfully Tiger doesn't. But the character who also notices is Gladys, who immediately turns around, nearly putting down the phone.]
Stella: I'm sorry. I've gotta go.
Tiger: Stella, Stella, where are you going? STEELLLLLLLLLLLAAA!!! [Gladys rushes down the stairs and sees that her kitchen is a total mess.]
Gladys: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! [As Stella rushes in, the coal brushes off her fur from the cat door.]
Tiger: Stella!
Stella: Look, it's not you. It won't work, okay? Because I'm a--
Gladys: [gasps] ...SKUUUUUUUUNKK!!
Stella: Yeah, that. Sorry you have to see this. FIRE IN THE HOLE! [Moments later, green gas explodes out of Gladys's house. A cork flies out of the chimney. Just then, the Verminator's van appears outside.] (Gladys coughs)
Stella: (to Tiger) The smell doesn't bother you?
Tiger: No. This face was bred for beauty. I can't smell a thing.
Stella: You can't smell...
Verne: [RJ turns and loops at him then runs out through the cat door.] To the door! Go, go, go, go, go, go! [Gladys blocks the door without noticing the animals.] Run!
Dwayne: [Suddenly, Dwayne kicks down the other door while wearing a gas mask. The animals (except RJ who is not here) are shocked.] Let's party! [The animals run away.] BUNNIES!! [Dwayne accidentally traps Gladys's bunny slippers in a net.]
Gladys: Aah! (falls over)
Tiger: Flee, my love! [Dwayne shoots at Stella, but Tiger pushes her out of the way, getting caught in the net.]
Verne: (to Stella) RUN! (to the rest) That way, outside! [As the animals try to escape the house by going through the glass door, they forgot it was shut and the slam into and slide down it. Dwayne finally has the animals where he has them.]
Dwayne: [to Verne] Buenos dias... reptile. [Dwayne finally catches the animals in with his net gun.]
NOTE: This dialogue is 4 minutes and 21 seconds.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Bucky: What's he gonna do to us, Mama?
Penny: I...I don't know, Baby.
Heather: (clutches her arms around Ozzie while locked in a cage, about to be driven off for extermination) I don't wanna die, Dad, not for real.
Ozzie: There, there sweetheart we'll be okay. [Stella, from her cage holds Hammy's hand, who is in his own cage, scared.]
Lou: (referring to RJ) You were right about him, Verne. We should've listened. Sorry back there.
Verne: No... I knew we wouldn't trust him and I got us into this. I should have known better.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook RJ: NOOO! NO!
Lou: Verne! Are you alright there? Gimme a hand, Oz.
Ozzie: Oh, sure. Sure.
Penny: What the heck happened?
RJ: It's gone! THE FOOD! (falls into his knees) GONE!
Stella: What?!
Heather: Gone?
Stella: How's it gone?
RJ: Ask... HIM! (points at Verne)
Penny: Verne...?
Verne: I returned it... to its rightful owner.
Lou and Ozzie: What?!
Heather: We, like, worked our tails off, y'know? Like a lot! And the food we gathered was totally... you know! And you're, you're all whatever!
Ozzie: Yeah, Verne. What were you thinking? Besides the log was full!
Verne: ...Full of junk.
Lou: Oh. So, what are you trying to say here, that the food we gathered OUR WAY isn't as good as the food we gathered YOUR WAY?
Verne: "Your way"?! You mean "HIS way". Can you see RJ just using you?
Penny: (gasps) Verne, shame on you! RJ wouldn't do that.
Verne: You've got to trust me on this. Don't you understand that there is something wrong with his guy? My tail tingles every time, I get NEAR HIM!!
Stella: Oh, so we're supposed to go all hungry, because your butt's vibrating. I'm started to feel that tingle of yours is YOU being jealous.
Verne: Jealous... OF HIM?!
Lou: Yeah! He is embracing the future there, and now you're just holding us back!
Verne: Oh, I hold you back all right... from extinction! (to RJ) You see what you've done here? If they listen to half of stuff of you're telling him, they will be dead within a week! You are only interested in taking advantage of them BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO STUPID AND NAIVE TO KNOW ANY BETTER!!
Hammy: (growing solemn) I'm not stupid.
Verne: (noting the family's reaction) Okay, I didn't mean, uh... I mean... "ignorant". To the ways over there. (they being walking away) Come on, you guys, you know I didn't mean it like that. Don't... don't do this. Stella... Ozzie...? (stops Hammy) Hammy...? You know I didn't...
Hammy: (pushes Verne away) I'm not stupid.
Verne: Please...

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [the animals (except Verne) shows RJ a surprise; his new home]
Stella: Check it out. (RJ looks around at some random objects of his new home) Your new home!
Hammy: (gestures at the Baby Car Seat) And look, we got a place for you right here!
RJ: That's for me?
Lou: Yeah, is this anything like what you had, RJ?
RJ: This isn't anything like what I had, Lou.
Hammy: (hands RJ a can of caffeine) Here, I'm not supposed to drink this.
RJ: Thanks. (to Heather, who sits on RJ's bag) Is that my bag?
Heather: Yeah, we brought it in here so you wouldn't have to sleep in that old tree.
RJ: Really? Wow.
Bucky: Hey, RJ, check this out! We totally hooked up the TV.
Quillo: I hot-wired the HD converter.
Spike: We get like a thousand channels!
Heather: Here can you take the remote before my dad does?
RJ: Wow. A universal remote? This is nice, guys. Really nice.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook RJ: ...And there they are. America's most coveted cookies. Love Handles, Skinny Mints, Neener-Neeners and Smackeroons. And guess what. They're all yours! [Hammy jumps, but RJ stops him] Whoa, Hamilton. Hold on there, fella. I love your energy, but you just can't take them.
Hammy: But you just said they're mine!
RJ: They will be IF we successfully marry your manic energy to my brilliant plan. You with me, kid?
Hammy: I-I... I-I-I-I... I-I-I-I-I-I-
RJ: The ayes have it. Let's ride.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [Last Lines, After the End Credits, RJ is Fixing the Vending Machine]
RJ: Wait! Hang on a Minute. [Now the Chips are Coming Out, And Everyone Looks Excited] Yes! Here We Go! [As RJ Tries to get all the Chips Out, the Lid is Stuck]
Hammy: Well, this is anti-climactic
RJ: Shoot!

Voice cast

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Sami Kirkpatrick as Bucky