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Noah's Arc est un film réalisé par Patrik-Ian Polk avec Darryl Stephens

Noah's Arc (2004)

Noah's Arc
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Réalisé par
Themes Sexualité,    Homosexualité,    LGBT,    LGBT
Note75% 3.782263.782263.782263.782263.78226

Noah's Arc: The Short Film is a 2004 short film written, directed and produced by Patrik-Ian Polk. The film became the foundation of the LOGO television series Noah's Arc. The cast features Darryl Stephens, Rodney Chester, Christian Vincent, Doug Spearman, Jensen Atwood, Jonathan Julian and Carlos Tinoco. All cast members of the short film eventually starred in the television series except for Tinoco.


Noah and Wade come home after going out to dinner. Wade wants to have sex with Noah for the first time. They get ready as they start to completely undress. They start to have trouble when they fail to put on a condom correctly three times in a row. They run out of condoms, but Wade decides to have sex anyway but bareback. Noah excuses himself to the bathroom.


Darryl Stephens

(Noah Nicholson)
Christian Vincent

Doug Spearman

Jensen Atwood

(Wade Robinson)
Wilson Cruz

(Junito Vargas)
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Note67% 3.3940253.3940253.3940253.3940253.394025
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Note62% 3.1008653.1008653.1008653.1008653.100865
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