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No Lonely Angels est un film avec Guo Tao

No Lonely Angels (2001)

No Lonely Angels
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Durée 1h28

No Lonely Angels is a 2002 Chinese drama film directed by Zhang Fanfan, starring Guo Tao and Li Xiaoran as two lovesick people in Beijing.


Ten years after childhood friend He Jialing (Tao Hong) left Beijing, Lang Zhuo (Guo Tao) still calls her to leave voice messages from time to time, despite never getting any call backs. One day, he meets college student Ye Fan (Li Xiaoran), 7 years his junior, in a bar. The pair hangs out a few times to ameliorate their loneliness, but just before their relationship develops, He Jialing comes back to Beijing and moves in with Lang Zhuo. Ye Fan begins to date other men, including one who tries to rape her.


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