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Nitten røde roser est un film danois de genre Thriller avec Poul Reichhardt

Nitten røde roser (1974)

Nitten røde roser
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Durée 1h39
Genres Thriller,    Policier
Note64% 3.24063.24063.24063.24063.2406

19 Red Roses (Danish: Nitten røde roser) is a 1974 Danish crime film directed by Esben Høilund Carlsen and starring Henning Jensen.


The film follows Detective Ancher (Poul Reichhardt) and his team as they investigate a series of murders that happened over a period of days. Seemingly unrelated at first, the investigators soon deduce that the killings are connected and stem from an incident that associates of the victims were all involved in.


Poul Reichhardt

(Kriminalassistent Ancher)
Jens Dyhr Okking

(Kriminalassistent Brask)
Ulf Pilgaard

(Kriminalassistent Rieger)
Holger Juul Hansen

(Kriminalkommisær Runge)
Helle Virkner

(Marianne Durant)
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