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Mr Reliable est un film de genre Comédie réalisé par Nadia Tass avec Colin Friels

Mr Reliable (1996)

Mr Reliable
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Durée 1h52
Réalisé par
Genres Comédie
Themes La mer,    Transport
Note65% 3.2948053.2948053.2948053.2948053.294805

Mr. Reliable is a 1996 film directed by Nadia Tass. It stars Colin Friels and Jacqueline McKenzie. It tells the true story of Wally Mellish, an ex-convict in 1960s Australia. Just released from prison, all he wants to do is live a quiet life with his girlfriend Beryl. A misunderstanding, quickly gets out of control, when two police officers pay him a visit, resulting in Wally, Beryl and her child being trapped in their house. Surrounded by armed police, the community is under the impression that Wally is holding everyone hostage. Events quickly spiral into a media circus as, through the siege, Wally - inadvertently - manages to become a symbol for the anti-war movement.


Colin Friels

(Wally Mellish)
Jacqueline McKenzie

(Beryl Muddle)
Lisa Hensley

(Penny Wilberforce)
Jonathan Hardy

(Reverend McIntyre)
Geoff Morrell

(Sergeant Campbell)
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Note63% 3.197023.197023.197023.197023.19702
Jackie Chan, mécanicien auto, aide la police à capturer un tueur à gages qui est aussi pilote de course. Malheureusement, à la suite d'un vice de procédure, celui-ci est relâché. Pour se venger et dans le but d'obliger Jackie à participer à une course contre lui, le malfrat n'hésite pas à kidnapper ses deux sœurs. Mais pour Jackie Chan, la famille, c'est sacré.
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Otoko wa Tsurai yo: Shibamata Bōjō, 1h48
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Note67% 3.36823.36823.36823.36823.3682
Tora-san meets three women on vacation when he travels to Fukui. One of the women meets him at his home, and he believes she has fallen in love with him, unaware that she hopes to marry a potter in the countryside.