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Max Steel: Endangered Species est un film américain de genre Science-fiction avec Chistian Campbell

Max Steel: Endangered Species (2003)

Max Steel: Endangered Species
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Durée 1h6
Genres Science-fiction,    Comédie,    Action,    Animation
Note65% 3.290673.290673.290673.290673.29067

Max Steel: Endangered Species is a 2004 direct-to-DVD film based on the tv series and action figure line. It is the only Max Steel movie to share continuity with the TV series.


In this movie, Psycho and Bio-Con join forces to transform humanity into mutants who will be ruled by them. At one point, Psycho betrays Bio-Con, making him be trapped by a Psycho-robot (who looks like a silver-colored Psycho) who later self-destructs so that Psycho can rule the world instead of "sharing" it. Max tracks down Psycho and fights him. After the fight, Psycho attacks Max and 'Berto while they're trying to turn off the machine. Max kicks Psycho into the air, landing him into his own mutating device, which explodes. At the end of the movie, Elementor, a clone of Bio-Con, awakens, later to be the villain of the second movie and the new villain of the toyline.


Chistian Campbell

(Max Steel (voice))
Michael Donovan
Brian Drummond

(Psycho and the Psycho-bots)
Scott McNeil

(Bio-Constrictor (Bio-Con))
Venus Terzo
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Bluray, DVD

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Note63% 3.185173.185173.185173.185173.18517
In this movie, Jefferson Smith gets to Bio-Con's base. There he finds several Bio-Con's creations in stasis, most of them failed experiments, with an exception: one of them, codenamed Elementor, wakes up and looks for five different Elementium Isotopes stored in different locations. Each isotope grants hims the power to control and mimic one specific element: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire (Bio-Con used half of these to mutate his clone with). Once in possession of these 4 ones, the power to control Metal and Ice is granted as an extra bonus. One by one, Elementor absorbs the Isotopes and gains new powers. Then Jefferson puts Max under arrest, but Max is able to break free, while Elementor attacks N-Tek saying he wants Steel or he will destroy the base. Max and Jeff find a way to escape but before they succeed, Jefferson reveals to Max that years ago after he was transformed into Max Steel in order to save his life the 5th Elementium Isotope was placed inside Max's body (when he was given transfasic energy ), and that is why he put him under house arrest since no one knows what will happen if the last Isotope is removed or extracted from his body. Max Steel fights Elementor who uses his new abilities to his advantage. After a brief confrontation with Elementor, Berto and Kat discovers that the fifth isotope makes the others go haywire, so Max decides to confront Elementor instead of running away. At the final battle, Max releases all of the power of the 5th Isotope until its overcharge destroys Elementor.
Max Steel: Dark Rival, 51minutes
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Note66% 3.305153.305153.305153.305153.30515
Strange thefts of N-Tek property have Max Steel on the tail of a new super agent, Troy Winter, who claims to be superior to Max in every sense. The chase is on when Team Steel realize Troy's goal is to obtain a piece of a comet named Morphosos using the stolen N-Tek technology and deliver it into enemy hands. During a battle with Max, Troy falls into a volcano with a piece of the comet. The chemical reaction between the extreme heat and the comet's components transforms Troy into a sharped dark mineral crystal like creature, with the power of "extrude" other living being's life force and abilities. Troy then adopts the name of Extroyer and attacks N-Tek headquarters. In the middle of confusion, Elementor is once again released. Extremely weak, Elementor chases Extroyer seeking the comet fragments as a new source of power, but he is "extruded" and defeated. Troy takes 'Berto, Kat and Jefferson as hostages and forces Max to obey him. Extroyer uses N-Tek's stolen magnets powered by Max to redirect the comet Morphosos near earth, so he can take as much crystal fragments as he wants, but too late he realizes it is all a setup, and he's sent into deep space instead, stuck in the comet's surface.
Max Steel: Countdown, 51minutes
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Genres Action, Aventure, Animation
Acteurs Chistian Campbell, Scott McNeil, Alessandro Juliani, Lisa Ann Beley, Michael Donovan, Brian Drummond
Note69% 3.4518353.4518353.4518353.4518353.451835
After years of searching, Max and 'Berto have managed to locate the late Psycho's base. With 'Berto's help, Max manages to sneak into Psycho's base. Once inside, Max finds that Psycho stole the "Imploder": A machine that condenses all surrounding matter into a miniature black hole. As Max approaches the Imploder, a hologram of Psycho's face appears above it. It tells Max that, if he is seeing this, then he, Psycho, is dead. He then tells Max that he is going to destroy everything with the Imploder. Max is about to deactivate the Imploder, when Psycho tells him that he left Max some company inside the base: Over 100 androids, similar to the android in "Endangered Species," are waiting to be given the order to attack Max. Psycho gives the order, and the droids attack Max, stopping him from deactivating the Imploder. After a long battle, 'Berto hacks into Psycho's mainframe, and shuts them down. Max, extremely weak and low on T-juice, manages to shut down the Imploder, saving Earth.
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L'histoire se passe après Bionicle : Le Masque de Lumière. De retour sur l'île de Metru Nui, les 6 Toa Metru découvrent leur ville dévastée et infestée par d'étranges toiles d'araignées. Celles-ci ont été faites par les Visoraks, de féroces créatures ressemblant à des araignées qui n'hésitent pas à attaquer les Toa Metru avec leur venin…
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Attachez votre ceinture et cramponnez-vous, car le monde explosif des courses Hot Wheels se déchaîne à l'écran dans le tout premier long-métrage de Hot Wheels, qui rassemble les 5 premiers épisodes incroyables de Hot wheels course mondiale retraçant les origines fascinantes de la saga Hot Wheels course mondiale! Recrutés par le mystérieux Dr Tezla, les meilleurs coureurs automobiles du monde font vrombir leurs moteurs sur la piste et dans une série hallucinante de dimensions parallèles lors d'un périple débordant d'émotions fortes, de danger et de vitesse où il n'y a pas de deuxième prix.
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Note65% 3.2862153.2862153.2862153.2862153.286215
Barbie raconte l'histoire de deux jeunes filles qui sont les meilleures amies du monde, elles s’appellent Liana et Alexa. Elles vivent dans une chaumière au milieu d'un joli jardin plein de fleurs, elles sont quasiment amoureuses de la musique et du chant. Peu après qu'un violent orage est dévasté leur jardin, elles obtiennent un miroir par une pauvre vielle dame mais celui-ci bouleverse leur vie, retenant prisonnière une élève muse du nom de Mélodie, Sournois qui était à sa recherche poursuit les deux jeunes filles et met le feu à la chaumière sans le faire exprès, cette dernière brûle complètement. Liana et Alexa demandent à Mélodie ce que Sournois voulait, Mélodie explique que Lydia la maîtresse de Sournois voulait s’approprier le palais de diamant pour être la seule et unique muse et qu'elle pouvait s’en prendre à quiconque oserait se mettre en travers de son chemin. Scandalisées Liana et Alexa décident de partir pour le palais de diamant pour arrêter Lydia et Sournois.
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At the end of Daemon Rising, Bob and Dot got engaged. To the confusion of everyone, however, a portal opens from the net and Ray Tracer and another Bob steps through. Inasmuch as the second Bob looks like the original from Seasons 1 and 2, Dot names the Bob which merged with his keytool Glitch Bob. Most of My Two Bobs is taken up with the efforts of Dot, the two Bobs themselves, and the other mainframers to ascertain who is the original and who is the copy and in general to come to terms with the situation.