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Mangus! est un film américain de genre Comédie avec Jennifer Coolidge

Mangus! (2011)

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Durée 1h28
Genres Comédie
Themes Sexualité,    Homosexualité,    LGBT,    LGBT,    Lesbianisme
Note45% 2.25352.25352.25352.25352.2535

Mangus! is a 2011 comedy film written, produced, and directed by Ash Christian. The film stars Ryan Nelson Boggus, Jennifer Coolidge, Heather Matarazzo (who also acts as producer), Leslie Jordan, and John Waters.


Mangus Spedgewick is a typical high schooler living with his war veteran father, Mangus Sr., and neglectful stepmother, Raquel (Deborah Theaker), in a little town called River City, in Texas. It is a family tradition for the young male Spedgewicks to portray Jesus in the town production of Jesus Christ Spectacular, and Mangus is very excited about the upcoming auditions. Mangus auditions with other boys, including a talented and flamboyant classmate, Farrell Williamson, who is the mayor's son. Mangus lands the role, but that night, when he goes out in a limo with his friends, Timmy and Kimmy, there is a terrible car accident. Timmy and Kimmy are cut in half and Mangus loses the use of his legs.


Jennifer Coolidge

(Cookie Richardson)
Leslie Jordan

John Waters

(Jesus Christ)
Heather Matarazzo

(Jessica Simpson)
Deborah Theaker

(Raquel Spedgewick)
Laura Spencer

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Bluray, DVD

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