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Lie ying ji hua est un film de genre Thriller avec Andy Lau

Lie ying ji hua (1988)

Lie ying ji hua
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Durée 1h44
Genres Thriller,    Action,    Policier,    Wuxiapian
Themes Sport,    Arts martiaux,    Kung-fu
Note59% 2.9762552.9762552.9762552.9762552.976255

Walk on Fire is a 1988 Hong Kong action film directed by Norman Law and starring Andy Lau and Cherie Chung.


In Macau, criminal Tong Heung-tung of the Hunan Gang, who bombed the Hong Kong police headquarters, was being send back to Hong Kong by Kowloon OCTB inspectors Lee Ho-lung and Lo Mo. During the process, the police van was ambushed by the Hunan Gang who helped Tong escape. Lee chased the gang all the way past the Mainland border and arrested them causing mass destruction which maddened his superior officer Chan.


Andy Lau

(Lau Kwok-Wah)
Cherie Chung

(Miss Chung)
Ray Lui

(Inspector Lee Ho-lung)
Maria Cordero

(Narcotic officer)
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At the turn of the century of China, the White Lotus Society plots to put the sinister Manchu Emperor Yuan Shikai (William Ho) to become the Emperor of China. However, he needs to given a Jade Ring possessed by his fiance Princess Sum-yuk (Michelle Reis). The White Lotus Society gets Yeung Kwan (Andy Lau) to get the princess. However, Yeung is actually a rebel leader working for Sun Yat-sen and he abducts Sum-yuk and find refuge at the Po Chi Lam clinic owned by Wong Kei-ying (Adam Cheng) with his mischievous son Wong Fei-hung (Willie Chi). Later, Fei-hung gets involved with Yeung and Sum Yuk and end up on the run together. Along the way, Fei-hung later learns the secrets of Drunken Boxing from an old master Uncle Yan (Lau Kar-leung).