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Let's All Hate Toronto est un film canadien de genre Documentaire réalisé par Albert Nerenberg avec Albert Nerenberg

Let's All Hate Toronto (2007)

Let's All Hate Toronto
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Durée 1h15
Réalisé par
Note61% 3.0534253.0534253.0534253.0534253.053425

Let's All Hate Toronto is a 2007 Canadian documentary film co-directed by independent documentarian Albert Nerenberg and Rob Spence. The documentary is a comedic examination of the reasons why everyone in Canada seems to hate Toronto. In the film, co-director Robert Spence, nicknamed "Mister Toronto", takes off on a cross-Canada journey to find out why there seems to be so much resentment for Canada's biggest city, all the while promoting a fake "Toronto Appreciation Day".


Mr. Toronto starts his journey in Hamilton after he sees a billboard boasting "Toronto Sucks" as an advertisement campaign. He finds out that some fans of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats put on bags over their heads because of the shame of losing to Toronto during the Labour Day CFL game every year. He decides to go around Canada on a fake "Toronto Appreciation Day" tour. Mr. Toronto visits St. John's and Halifax, where Atlantic Canadians spit on his "Toronto Appreciation Day" banner. Then he travels to Montreal where local comedy troupe The Dancing Cock Brothers sing "Goodbye Toronto, Bonjour Montreal" and where his Toronto work ethic influences the city to change the light bulbs on the giant cross atop Mount Royal. Next, he skips the Prairies (because “every Torontonian does”), and lands in Calgary and Vancouver, where he learns that resentment towards Toronto runs very deep. During the 2006 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, he visits Edmonton where he risks his life by wearing a faux Wayne Gretzky Toronto Maple Leafs jersey during the Edmonton Oilers’ Stanley Cup run.


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