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Le Beau-père 3 est un film américain de genre Thriller avec Priscilla Barnes

Le Beau-père 3 (1992)

Le Beau-père 3
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Durée 1h50
Genres Thriller,    Horreur
Note47% 2.361642.361642.361642.361642.36164

Stepfather III (also known as Stepfather III: Father's Day in home video releases) is a 1992 slasher film directed and written by Guy Magar and starring Robert Wightman and Priscilla Barnes. Stepfather III is the second sequel to 1987's The Stepfather and concerns the titular serial killer seeking out yet another all-American family to become a part of, using plastic surgery to disguise himself from the authorities.


Un adolescent découvre que son nouveau beau-père est un serial-killer. Ce dernier aurait même déjà éliminé plusieurs familles...


Priscilla Barnes

(Christine Ann Davis)
Season Hubley

(Jennifer Ashley)
Christa Miller Lawrence

(Beth Davis)
David Tom

(Andy Davis)
John Ingle

(Father Ernest Thomas Brennan)
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