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Kusa Pabha (2012)

Kusa Pabha
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Kusa Pabha is a Sri Lankan historical dramatic film based on the 550 Jataka tales. The film scored a high gross profit and was a Mega hit among Sri Lankans. The film starred Sri Lankan and Indian-Sri Lanka actress Pooja Umashankar and Sri Lankan actor Jackson Anthony. The film was directed by Sunil Ariyarathne.


Okkaka (Ravindra Randeniya) is the emperor of India. He rules from Kusawathie city, with his queen Seelawathie (Veena Jayakody) and two sons Kusa (Jackson Anthony) and Jayampathi (Roshan Ranawana). Kusa is strong, competent in all crafts and warfare but has an ugly oil cake shaped face. Therefore he realizes that no woman will like to marry him and is not interested in marriage. But his parents, especially mother urges him to marry. Kusa makes a golden sculpture in a woman's shape and tells his mother queen that he will marry if she could find a woman looks alike the sculpture. Queen orders two royal servants (Mahinda Pathirage and Mahendra Perera) to take the statue to all countries and find a woman looks alike the statue. After a long unsuccessful search, two royal servants arrive at Madura city, the capital of Madura kingdom, on the season of spring festival. Madura is a state under the control of Okkaka's empire. They place the statue near the river. Then the nanny of the royal family of Madura kingdom,Kudi (Kudi means hunchbacked woman) (Chandani Seneviratne) comes there and slaps the statue, because she recognized the statue as the princess Pabawathie (Pooja Umashankar), the daughter of king Madu (Palitha Silva), the king of Madura kingdom and his queen (Kusum Renu). Since a woman looks alike the statue is found, the marriage is arranged. Pabawathie is taken to Kusawathie city. Wedding is conducted without a groom.


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