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Kalpanthe Sihinayak est un film Sri Lankais avec Iranganie Roxanna Serasinghe

Kalpanthe Sihinayak (2014)

Kalpanthe Sihinayak
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Durée 1h58
OrigineSri Lanka

Kalpanthe Sihinayak is a dramatic romantic movie directed by Channa Perera. The movie's plot is based on a King Ravana's missing Ancestry Book which was hidden for more than 5,000 years.


It is essentially a love story between an architect and a beautiful village girl. The architect, Kalpana, travels to a hill country village for work and it is there that meets Menaka. Kalpana faces many challenges with a local group of thugs secretly investigating King Ravan's Ancestry Book. Menaka is a part of Ravan's Ancestry. Her father was murdered by some hidden enemies because of a conflict over a secret document regarding the Ravan Ancestry. Kalpa gets more intrigued about this matter and turns to the monk at the village temple for advice.


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