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Inside Detroit est un film américain de genre Action avec Dennis O'Keefe

Inside Detroit (1956)

Inside Detroit
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Durée 1h22
Genres Action,    Policier
Note62% 3.106163.106163.106163.106163.10616

Inside Detroit is a 1956 crime film starring Dennis O'Keefe and Pat O'Brien and directed by Fred F. Sears.

Inside Detroit is centered on corruption within the United Auto Workers union and is loosely adapted from the true tale of the Reuther brothers.


Blair Vickexrs (O'Keefe) is head of the UAW union whose brother is killed during the bombing of the unioun headquarters. Gus Linden (O'Brien) is the man behind the bombing and a gangster who is determined to gain control of the UAW.


Dennis O'Keefe

(Blair Vickers)
Pat O'Brien

(Gus Linden)
Ken Christy

(Ben Macauley)
Margaret Field

(Barbara Linden)
Mark Damon

(Gregg Linden)
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