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Illusions est un film américain réalisé par Julie Dash avec Lonette McKee


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Durée 34minutes
Réalisé par

Illusions is a 1982 film written and directed by Julie Dash. The short film depicts the life of an African American woman passing as a white woman working in the film industry during the 1940s. It calls attention to the lack of African Americans in the film industry during that era.


According to film scholar and critic Clyde Taylor, “Dash's film plays inventively on themes of cultural, sexual and racial domination.” The film is set in Hollywood in 1942, a time when the role of the film industry was to create an illusion for the audience to believe in. This illusion was based on the creation of American history in films; what is seen on screen is usually what they want you to believe and not actually the truth. Made during a time of heavy war propaganda, Hollywood created its own version of America and its freedoms.


Lonette McKee

(Mignon Dupree)
Rosanne Katon

(Esther Jeeter)
Ned Bellamy

(the Lieutenant Bedsford)
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