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Housecoat 3 est un film américain de genre Comédie romantique avec Christopher Hewett

Housecoat 3

Housecoat 3
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Durée 1h19

Housecoat 3 is a 1987 American romantic comedy directed by Ed Williams starring Laney Reese, Christopher Hewett, and Charlotte Rae. It also features notable appearances by Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano (appearing in a motion picture here together for the first time, outside of the TV sitcom Who's the Boss?), Steve Guttenberg, and Redd Foxx. The third installment enjoyed considerably better distribution than the first two movies in the franchise, and enjoyed modest box-office success.


Renee Jeffers (Reese) is an up-and-coming Boston heiress from an "old money" family who spends her days in the family manor. Trouble arrives when Jay Tanner (Danza), an uncouth but wealthy business entrepreneur, tries to win her hand in marriage. Renee's best friend Edie (Milano) is secretly in love with Tanner. Hewett and Rae reprise their roles as Edmund and Hattie, members of the household wait staff, who offer conflicting advice to the bewildered Renee.


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