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Her Fatal Ways est un film avec Carol "Do Do" Cheng

Her Fatal Ways

Her Fatal Ways
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Durée 1h35

Her Fatal Ways is a 1990 Hong Kong crime-comedy film. It is directed and written by Alfred Cheung Kin Ting and stars Carol "Dodo" Cheng, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Sunny Fang Kang, Michael Chow, Sheila Chan and the Director himself. The film won the 10th Hong Kong Film Award for the Best Actress.

This film takes place in Hong Kong, where Mainland Chinese MPS officer Cheng Shih-nan (Cheng) extradites drug-dealer Wong Ti (Chow) to the Royal Hong Kong Police. Unfortunately, Wong escapes and Cheng is forced by the State Council to stay abroad Hong Kong and assist Chief Inspector Wu Wei-kuo (Leung) to track down Wong, as well as his boss, So Kuo Jung (Fang). The cultural differences between Hong Kong and Mainland China and her rivalry with Wu's father, a former military officer of Kuomintang, become a big headache for Cheng, a loyal member of the Chinese Communist Party.


The prologue opens with MPS officer Cheng (Carol Cheng) and her nephew Hsiao-Sheng (Alfred Cheung) riding on a coach (vehicle) to Hong Kong. They are depicted as deep-rooted communists and uncivilised people, singing My Motherland, smoking, spitting and using language profanity. Simultaneously, Superintendent Cheng (Lam Chung) briefs Chief Inspector Wu (Tony Leung Ka-Fai) about a criminal case - Wong Ti, aka Niu (Michael Chow), who admits smuggling drugs from the Golden Triangle to Hong Kong, seeks to escape PRC's capital punishment by helping Royal Hong Kong Police prosecute his boss, drug dealer Su Kuo-Jung (Sunny Fang Kang). That is why Cheng is on her way escorting Wong to Hong Kong. Cheng orders Wu to receive Wong and to show Cheng around. Reluctantly, Wu handles the case, and meets Cheng at a cross-border coach station and is shocked to realize that Wong is abused by Cheng and packed in a small bag for delivery. With an oxygen mask, the police manage to save Wong from coma.


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