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Flatland: The Movie est un film américain de genre Documentaire avec Kristen Bell

Flatland: The Movie (2007)

Flatland: The Movie
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Durée 34minutes
Themes Politique
Note62% 3.100033.100033.100033.100033.10003

Flatland: The Movie is a short animated film which was released to video in 2007. The cast includes the voices of actors Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell and Tony Hale. The story is based on the 1884 science fiction novella Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions written by Edwin A. Abbott.


Flatland: The Movie begins with the 2-dimensional Arthur Square awaking from a dream of strange, glowing symbols. He lives with his wife, Arlene Square, and his curious granddaughter Hex, a hexagon. He rushes Hex to school and along the way they discuss the laws of inheritance: how each new generation of Flatlanders, beginning with triangles, gains a new side until the shapes become indistinguishable from circles. They also discuss how a citizen's shape affects their job, with triangles performing menial labor and circles ruling Flatland in the priest class. They witness a cruel incident where a Circle Priest arrests a slightly irregular octagon child, prompting Hex to yet again wonder about what happened to her pentagonal parents. Arthur tells her that he will tell her someday, and rushes her off to school.


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