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Five Days est un film Britannique de genre Drame réalisé par Montgomery Tully avec Dane Clark

Five Days (1954)

Five Days
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Durée 1h11
Réalisé par
Genres Drame,    Thriller,    Policier
Note60% 3.0469853.0469853.0469853.0469853.046985

Five Days, released in the United States as Paid to Kill, is a 1954 British film noir directed by Montgomery Tully starring Dane Clark. It was produced by Hammer Film Productions.


James Nevill, a nearly bankrupt businessman, hires his best friend to kill him so his wife can collect on his life insurance. After his business takes a sudden upswing he changes his mind, but he must get to the killer and tell him so before the killer gets to him first. Nevill suffers several near misses before learning that it is partner and another who really want to kill him, not his friend whom they have kidnapped and framed. In the end, the villains shoot each other.


Dane Clark

(James Nevill)
Paul Carpenter

(Paul Kirby)
Thea Gregory

(Andrea Nevill)
Anthony Forwood

Howard Marion-Crawford

(McGowan (as Howard Marion Crawford))
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