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Fighting Stock est un film réalisé par Tom Walls avec Tom Walls

Fighting Stock (1935)

Fighting Stock
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Note61% 3.067013.067013.067013.067013.06701

Fighting Stock is a 1935 British comedy film directed by and starring Tom Walls. It also features Robertson Hare, Lesley Wareing and Herbert Lomas. its plot involves a Brigadier who retires to a country cottage for some quiet fishing, but it soon overtaken by madcap events. The screenplay is by Ben Travers based on his earlier stage play of the same name, and the cast included cast members from Travers's Aldwych Farces.


Tom Walls

(Brig. Gen. Sir Donald Rowley)
Marie Lohr

(Mrs. Barbara Rivers)
Herbert Lomas

Hubert Harben

(Mr. Rivers)
Peggy Simpson

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