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Farfallon est un film de genre Comédie réalisé par Riccardo Pazzaglia avec Ciccio Ingrassia

Farfallon (1974)

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Réalisé par
Genres Comédie
Themes La prison,    Buddy movie
Note72% 3.611543.611543.611543.611543.61154

Farfallon is a 1974 Italian comedy film directed by Riccardo Pazzaglia. It is a parody of Papillon.


Ciccio Ingrassia

(Barone di Vistacorta)
Fiorenzo Fiorentini

Micaela Pignatelli

(Direttrice del carcere)
Mario Carotenuto

(Direttore del carcere)
Nino Terzo

(Maresciallo Maggiore Carabinieri)
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Ciccio Ingrassetti is the PR of a milanese pharmaceutical firm which is trying to promote its products through the football team of its sicilian branch. To guarantee success, the owner asks Ciccio to secure the talents of an innovative coach, a "magician" (just like Inter Milan coach Helenio Herrera was dubbed at the time). Ciccio, totally unaware of the subtleties of football (but wary to confess his ignorance of the matter to his boss) misinterprets his orders and hires K.K., an impostor 'clairvoyant' who actually tries to help the team through his 'spells'. Hijinks and mishaps soon ensue.
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