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Fakira est un film de genre Drame avec Shashi Kapoor

Fakira (1976)

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Genres Drame,    Policier
Note65% 3.267933.267933.267933.267933.26793

Fakira is a 1976 Hindi movie produced by N.N. Sippy and directed by C.P. Dixit. The film stars Shashi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Asrani, Aruna Irani, Danny Denzongpa, Asit Sen, Ramesh Deo, Madan Puri and Shetty. The music is by Ravindra Jain. The film became a box office hit. The film's team of producer (N.N. Sippy), cast (Shashi Kapoor, Asrani, Danny Denzongpa, Madan Puri) and music composer (Ravindra Jain) had teamed together before for the box office hit Chor Machaye Shor (1974). Fakira was later remade into the Telugu film Dongalaku Donga (1978) starring Krishna and Jayaprada.


Two small children, who are brothers, lose their parents in a fire. They are harassed by bad men and get separated. They grow up and become criminals. One is played by Shashi Kapoor, while the other is played Danny Denzongpa. They become enemies, not knowing that they are brothers. A policewoman, played by Shabana Azmi, goes undercover in Shashi Kapoor's criminal group, which includes Asrani and Aruna Irani. She and Shashi Kapoor fall in love, but Aruna Irani doesn't trust as she loves Shashi Kapoor herself.Madan Puri is the villain.


Shashi Kapoor

(Vijay / Nawab Jhumritalaya / Fakira)
Shabana Azmi

(Neeta / Geeta)
Aruna Irani

Madan Puri
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Vijay (Shashi Kapoor) is an engineer, who is in love with a rich girl named Rekha (Mumtaz). Rekha's snobby father disapproves because Vijay is not wealthy, and so he has arranged for her to be married to a son of an evil politician. The evil politician is played by Madan Puri. Rekha's father and the politician frame Vijay for a crime that he didn't commit, and he goes to jail. When he's in jail, he becomes friends with three other prisoners. All four men escape from jail. After Vijay reconnects with Rekha, they all go to a small village called Shantinagar and help save the village from the evil politician and the bandits that terrorize the town. The evil politician is arrested. Rekha's father feels remorse and accepts Vijay. Vijay and his three prisoner friends go back to jail. However, the film ends on an optimistic tone indicating that their good deeds will be rewarded (i.e. that their prison sentences will be shortened).
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Kali Ghata (1980)

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Note60% 3.0325853.0325853.0325853.0325853.032585
Raibahadur Satpal Singh (Nazir Husain) is killed cold-blooded in a remote village. He is survived by his twin daughters Rekha & Rashmi (both played by Rekha). Rekha manages their business with the help of their chief estate manager Deewan (A. K. Hangal) along with his son and factory manager Kishore (Danny). Rashmi and Kishore are in love with each other which displeases Rekha, who sends Rashmi abroad to attend a painting course. On the other hand, Rekha too is disinterested about her marriage. Meanwhile, driving through their estate, Rekha's car breaks down and is helped by Prem (Shashi Kapoor), with a golden hand for such machines. After a few meets, both fall in love with each other. After a few days, Rekha announces her engagement with Prem to the surprise of everyone around. She also wills to assign the entire estate to Rashmi before engagement. During the engagement, when Rekha's Police Inspector friend Vikas shows up to wish the couple for the occasion, Prem is suspiciously found missing. The next evening, the couple go out to spend private time on a house-boat anchored in a lake on their estate. Later in the stormy night, Rekha finds Prem missing from the boat and starts looking for him. While searching, someone pushes her in the lake, but not before Rekha glimpses the shadow of this person. Everyone at the estate is surprised with the news of Rekha's death. Meanwhile, she survives and reaches the house of her friend Pinky (Aruna Irani). Once there, Rekha learns about Rashmi's arrival for Rekha' funeral, and both plan to investigate the incident. On the other hand, Kishore, Prem and the Police too start their investigation separately to unmask the killer. Meanwhile, when Rashmi (Rekha disguised) meets him, Prem discloses the intense love for Rekha. She finds quite a few on her suspect list. Kishore wills to go to any extent to marry Rashmi. Prem for his suspicious movements. The staff at their estate, like the cook (Jagdeep), house keeper Ambu (Lalita Pawar) et al. The story progresses and after a few thrilling sequences, the murderer is revealed in the climax.
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Réalisé par Dasari Narayana Rao
Acteurs Rajesh Khanna, Shabana Azmi, Shatrughan Sinha, Asrani, Javed Khan Amrohi, Javed Khan
Note61% 3.061923.061923.061923.061923.06192
Ram Avtar works as a widowed barber in a small village and lives with his wife's sister, Sushma, looking after him and his kids. Ram Avtar also personally grooms Minister Digvijay Singh. When Digvijay's political party is in need of someone to stand in the forthcoming election, Digvijay recommends Ram Avtar as his choice. This chance is grabbed by Ram Avtar and he wins the elections and becomes a big politician. Sushma watches the changes in his life from the sidelines.
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Réalisé par Baldev Raj Chopra
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Note66% 3.335493.335493.335493.335493.33549
Retired Judge Shyamlal Kumar lives in a palatial home with his wife and only son, Arvind, who is now studying law and is on his way to becoming a lawyer. Arvind meets beautiful Asha Shastri, and they fall in love. Asha introduces Arvind to her astrologer father, Chintamani, who instantly approves of Arvind, as Arvind's parents do of Asha. But when Chintamani sees a dark future for the young couple, he withdraws his blessings and asks them not to marry. Spooked by this, Shyamlal and his wife also ask Arvind to marry someone else, but Arvind and Asha start living together. This causes anger in their conservative community, and both are blacklisted. Asha becomes pregnant, but does not know that Arvind has met a young woman named Neelam Shukla, who believes that Arvind is a bachelor and wants to marry him at all and any cost.
Aakhri Daao
Genres Drame, Policier, Romance
Acteurs Saira Banu, Jeetendra, Danny Denzongpa, Mohan Choti, Iftekhar, Satyen Kappu
Note56% 2.8173652.8173652.8173652.8173652.817365
Safecracker criminal Ravi (Jeetendra) ends his life of crime for an honest living, and joins a carptenters, owned by (Satyen Kappu), and his daughter, Reena (Saira Banu). When Ravi heroically saves the daughter of the local police chief by opening a safe, who gains great respect in the community and attracts the attentions romantically from Reena, and they fall in love. Living honestly and respectablely, one day however he is visited by his former partner in crime Robert (Danny Denzongpa) and his girlfriend, Julie (Padma Khanna) and is tempted back into his former life of crime.
Achanak (1973)

Réalisé par Gulzar
Genres Drame, Policier
Acteurs Vinod Khanna, Farida Jalal, Om Shivpuri, Asrani, Iftekhar, Lily Chakravarty
Note69% 3.4727653.4727653.4727653.4727653.472765
Major Ranjeet Khanna (Vinod Khanna) is in love with his wife Pushpa, who seems to love him as well. His commanding officer, also his father-in-law, is played by Iftekar. Ranjeet is happy with his marriage, until he finds out about his wife's affair with his best friend. He kills them both and turns himself in to the police. Then, he escapes from the police to find the Ganges River, because he wanted to fulfill his wife's wish of dropping her wedding necklace into the river. However, the police shoot him first and he is hospitalized, where he becomes emotionally attached to the doctors (Om Shivpuri, Asrani) and the nurse (Farida Jalal), who are also devastated when he is sentenced to hang.