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En route ! est un film américain de genre Science-fiction réalisé par Tim Johnson sorti en France le 15 avril 2015 avec Jim Parsons

En route ! (2015)


En route !
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Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [repeated line] Owpain!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [after he eats a urinal cake thinking it is a blue mint] AAH! DO NOT EAT THE BLUE MINTS!! Thankfully, there is a large bowl of lemonade. [he drinks the "lemonade"] UGH! DO NOT DRINK THE LEMONADE!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [after Tip shows him his green hand, which indicates he's lying] Poomp.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [to Kyle, after he sends his directions] Fa-da! I has sent directions to my living space!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [after realizing that he accidentally presses "send all"] It is not my fault! Why for put "send" button right next to "send all"? [to Kyle] This is just bad design.


Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Captain Smek is an idiot.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [after finding out Oh was trying to ditch her] You were gonna ditch me?!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [after she sees Oh turn green when he lies, angrily] Every time you lie, you turn GREEN!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [to Oh, realizing the truth] My mom's not on that ship, is she? YOU PROMISED TO HELP ME FIND HER AND YOU'RE LEAVING?! You lied to me.


Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [Tip comes face-to-face with Oh at an abandoned convenience store. She screams, he screams, and then she pushes him into a freezer, locking the door with a broom.]
Tip: Gotcha! Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha! [wipes her hands on her hoodie] Ugh!
Oh: [confused] Whatfor you did this? I am Boov, beloved by all humans!
Tip: [angrily] I know what you are. [starts filling her backpack with food]
Oh: Excellent! So, can I come into the out now?
Tip: [still angry] No. You cannot "come into the out now". You can never come into the out ever again.
Oh: [pauses] But I can. You are just having to take away the piece of wood.
[Tip finishes filling her backpack and, groaning, starts to leave]
Oh: [desperately] Then I will have to... Have to... I-I will shoot forth the lasers from my eyeballs!
Tip: [stops and stares at him] You can do that?
Oh: [turns green, indicating that he's lying] ...Yes.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Captain Smek: His mistaking is leading the Gorg right to us! Show me his invite! [The internet plays Oh's invitation]
Oh on Internet: You're all invited to a PARTY! Just head to the Milky Way, turn right at the Big Dipper. third planet from the sun! Look for my balloons! PARTY! Come if you like to have fun! My best friend Kyle will be there! (Kyle! Kyle! Kyle!) Come party!
Captain Smek: [flushes red with anger] KYLE!!!!!!
Kyle: [exasperated] He is not my friend.
Captain Smek: The Internet does not lie!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Tip: What did you do to my car?!
Oh: What doos you mean? It should to hover much better now.
Tip: It's a car! It didn't hover at all before!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Oh: [notices Pig; frightened] Your vehicle is infested!
Tip: [giggles] It's not infested. He's my pet. His name is Pig. Don't touch him.
[Pig jumps up on Oh's head and starts purring]
Oh: [his skin ripples with zigzag lines as Pig purrs] Now he is vibrating. [gasps] Is he going to explode?!
Tip: [giggles again] No, he's just purring.
Oh: Why do you has this thing? Is it useful? Does it give meat or milk?
Tip: [disgusted] What?! Ew! No! You just have pets for fun and companionship.
Oh: You has me for a companion on the ship.
Tip: [skeptical] Yeah, well... Pig is better.
Oh: [Pig flicks his eyebrows at Oh] If cat is "Pig", what is your name?

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Gratuity "Tip" Tucci: Okay, pee break.
Oh: Ooh, I too has to break pee. [he goes into the men's room, finds blue soap, and eats it] Aah! Do not eat the blue mints! [Tip makes a disgusted face] Thankfully, there is a large bowl of lemonade. [he goes out of the men's room and rubs the pee off his tongue] EEW!!! DO NOT DRINK THE LEMONADE! [Tip chuckles in disgust]

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [Oh is trying weakly to remove duct tape from his skin. Tip rips off each piece with much force, much to Oh's dislike]
Oh: OW!!! QUIT IT!!!
Tip: [apologetically smiling] Sorry. [throws the piece onto a ball of previously ripped tape that Pig plays with like a ball of yarn.]
Oh: [exasperated] Look. Paris is danger for both of us. It crawls with Boov. Doos you have a plan for once we are get there, hm?
Tip: [hesitantly] Not really. [confident] But I have hope.
Oh: [not getting it] Oh, you are bad at math.
Tip: Excuse me? [proudly smiling] I got an "A" in geometry.
Oh: [trying with little effort to remove the final piece of tape from his head] I am only saying: Boov are superior in this way. If probability for success falls below 50%, [gives up on trying to pull the tape off] Boov give up. You do not.
Tip: [smiling] Exactly. [rips off the piece of tape from Oh's head with a grunt.]
Tip: Okay, okay! Tell you what: let's have some tuneage. [turns on music]
[Dancing In the Dark by Rihanna starts playing. Tip starts jamming along, but Oh nonchalantly switches the music. It is so discordant that Tip cringes and Pig starts running berserk all over the car. Oh just smiles and relaxes.]
Tip: [groans] What is that?!
Oh: [clearly enjoying the discordant song] Boov song. It is called Motionless and Obedient. Very big hit.
Tip: [trying to calm Pig down] No, no, no, no, no! Not in my car. Driver gets to pick. [switches it back to Dancing In the Dark]
Oh: [stubbornly, crosses his arms] Hmph! This is not even music. This is just noise. [starts to dance unwillingly; scared] Involuntary physical response! You have tricked me into listening to a debilitating sonic weapon!
Tip: You know, if you want humans to not hate you, you could start by liking some of our stuff.
Oh: [uncontrollably yet skillfully dancing. Has a frightened and confused look on his face.] Confusion! What is happening to my body?
Tip: [laughs] It's called dancing!
Oh: Boov do not "dancing"!
Tip: [laughs again] I can tell. But you're gettin' the hang of it.
Oh: [frantic] How long before this kills me?! [his 'ears' start to move about] I am not in control with my own extremities!
Tip: [putting the seat back to allow room] That's it! Work it! [playfully pokes Oh in the face]
Oh: I do not want it to work!
Tip: Hey, you know what? "Boov" rhymes with "groove". Shake your Boov thang!
Oh: [his rear end starts shaking in time to the music] AAH! It is shaking in a most undignified way! [his arms go up] Oh, no! My hands are in the air like I just do not care!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Tip: You know, when I'm stressed out, my mom tells me jokes.
Oh: [embarrassed] Boov do not do telling jokes.
Tip: Oh, it's not that hard. I'll teach you. Knock-knock. [Oh stares at her expectantly] You'd say "Who's there?"
Oh: [looks around, confused] You are there.
Tip: No, just ask me.
Oh: [going with it] Who is there?
Tip: Now I say, "The interrupting cow." Now you say, "The interrupting cow, who?" Let's just do it. Knock-knock.
Oh: Who is there?
Tip: The interrupting cow.
Oh: The interrupting cow-
Tip: [loudly] MOOOOO!!! [laughs]
Oh: [stammers] You did not let me finish my response. I was to say, "The interrupting co-"
Tip: MOOOOO!!! [laughs]
Oh: [stammers] Oh, you did it again! [gasps, realizes] Oh. That is the joke. The cow is to being an interrupting cow, and therefore interrupts me!
Tip: I know. That's why it's funny--
Oh: [loudly] MOOOOO!!! [every time he moos, Pig yowls and jumps.]
Tip: [somewhat annoyed] Let me fi--
Tip: Enough!
Oh: I'm the interrupting cow!
Tip: Knock it off!
Tip: OH! Don't make me get out more tape!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [Oh is about to be "erased"]
Gratuity "Tip" Tucci: Drop the bubble guns! Or I will mess with this... [less confident] ...gravity...thingy. [aims her arm up to the anti-gravity device holding the Eiffel Tower up in the sky.]
Captain Smek: She is bluffing. She could not possibly reach the "gravity thingy". [Tip uses her tip-toes to reach the "gravity thingy"] Oh!!! Curse you and your tippy-toe tallness! But no problem. Boov technology is far too complicated for simple humansgirl to figure out!
Gratuity "Tip" Tucci: Excuse me? This humansgirl got an "A" in geometry. [turns the device upside-down to bring the Eiffel Tower to rotate upside-down]
Captain Smek: She figured it out! Run for my life!! [runs in circles]

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook [While Oh is singing the Boov Death Song after Slushious is destroyed, Tip sees an electrocuted plume of smoke coming from the distance]
Tip: A Gorg ship!
Oh: [stops singing] It is rude to interrupt the Death Song.
Tip: Maybe you could take the parts from it to fix our car.
Oh: I cannot. Those are Gorg parts. They are metric.
Tip: We're not getting this close and giving up. Come on.
Oh: NO!!!!! Always with the running towards danger!
Tip: Stop being such a Boov. It's our only chance! Come on!
Oh: [turns red as he follows her angrily] This has low probability of success!!

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Smek: What has you done!? What is that thing?
Oh: It is Gorg super chip
Kyle: What?
Oh: Gorg drone crashed and I ran to it. And I found the chip
Smek: (stammers) Enough
Kyle: You ran to a Gorg?

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Boov #1: He runs towards the danger?
Boov #2: What kind of Boov is he?
Boov #1: He is like a... Super Boov
Smek: No, no no. He is not a super Boov. There's only one Super Boov and you know who that is, you're looking at him. I invented running away and look at this. (holds up the Shusher) I have the Shusher. I am your captain.
Oh: But you are not good captain.
Smek: What?
Oh: You tell us these things and we all believed them. I believed them. But then I met a humans person and she is not like you said. She is brave and smart and cares about other humans persons. In a way that... we Boov do not even care about each other. She even cares about me, and I've done very little to earn that. The Boov may be superior in many ways...
Smek: Mmm. Yeah?
Oh: ....But not in the ways that I now thinks are most important

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Smek: Oh big deal. I have had enough! Shush! (he raises the Shusher and prepares to hit Oh, but Kyle grabs the Shusher)
Kyle: enough...shushing
Smek: How dare you shush a shushing!
Kyle: Oh is right. We need a new captain and I thinks it should be Oh
Oh: Me? No
Smek: No! He cannot be captain! I have the shusher! I am captain!
Kyle: Not anymore! (he shoves Smek)
Smek: He will not know how to operate it! It is very complicated! Len on one end, light on the other...
Kyle: (hits Smek with the Shusher) Shush!
Boov: Booyah!
Oh: No, I am not a leader Boov. I makes far too many mistakes
Kyle: You are not the only Boov who makes mistakes. For examples: My mistake is not being your friend. (gives Oh the Shusher) All hail, Captain Oh! (The Boov cheers)

About Home (2015 film)

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Rihanna: I’d never done an animated film, but the story just spoke to me. It was so real and there were so many parallels in it. I felt like I identified with Tip. She’s essentially a role model. For me, it was strange to read a character that you can look up to. I was very excited. I had never done an animated film. I did Battleship before, but this was different. You learn so much when the camera is not there. Especially for me, being from Barbados, I have an accent. Learning to speak American, you just realize that there are 20 different types of American. There are all these different types of accents, and I didn’t know. I was learning all over again, and not just with the accent, but how to act with just my voice.

Facebook Partager la citation sur facebook Jim Parsons: I was approached about it, and I had never done one before either. Even before I knew what the story was, I was very excited about the idea, just ‘cause I wanted the chance to do an animated film. And then, once we talked about it, I just liked the little guy that I was playing, so much, even the way he looked. I held it up to a friend and said, “Could I voice this?,” and they said, “Oh, yes!” And then, once we got involved, it has really been the biggest reward. It’s the most interesting playtime I’ve ever had, as an actor. It’s really got this feeling of going down a mysterious but joyful black hole, where there’s nobody else there and directions are being thrown at you by Tim [Johnson]. Once you relax for 15 or 20 minutes, and really go, “I don’t care if I look like an ass,” it’s really fun to see what happens. You know that nothing is being visually judged, in that way, thank god. I never left without being a sweaty mess, ever.