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Ellis in Glamourland est un film de genre Drame réalisé par Pieter Kramer avec Linda de Mol

Ellis in Glamourland (2004)

Ellis in Glamourland
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Durée 1h35
Réalisé par
Genres Drame,    Comédie
Note58% 2.9011252.9011252.9011252.9011252.901125

Alice in Glamourland (Dutch: Ellis in Glamourland) is a 2004 Dutch comedy film, directed by Pieter Kramer and starring Linda de Mol and Joan Collins. The story is about a poor single mother, who participates in a course about 'How to marry a millionaire'.

The film received a Golden Film (100,000 visitors).


A poor, single woman called Ellis (Linda de Mol), with a son, who meets Susan (Joan Collins), who wrote a successful book about 'How to marry a millionaire' and who now teaches classes on the subject.


Linda de Mol

Joan Collins

Tjitske Reidinga

Joan Nederlof

(Kitty Mendoza)
Nelly Frijda

(Mother of Ellis)
Bande annonce de Ellis in Glamourland

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