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Doraemon: Nobita no Taiyô'ô densetsu est un film de genre Animation sorti en France le 1 janvier 2021 avec Kaneta Kimotsuki

Doraemon: Nobita no Taiyô'ô densetsu (2000)

Doraemon: Nobita no Taiyô'ô densetsu
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Sortie en France 1 janvier 2021
Durée 1h33
Genres Animation
Note69% 3.4956853.4956853.4956853.4956853.495685

Doraemon: Nobita and the Legend of the Sun King (ドラえもん のび太の太陽王伝説, Doraemon Nobita no Taiyōō Densetsu) is a feature-length Doraemon film which premiered on March 4, 2000. It was premiered on a bill with the Doraemons movie, Doki Doki Wildcat Engine (ドラえもんズ ドキドキ機関車大爆走!).


Doraemon et ses amis ouvrent une faille dans le temps et voyagent au Pays de Mayana, une civilisation maya perdue dans la jungle. Là, Nobita connaîtra son parfait double, le prince Thio, héritier du trône. Les deux décideront d'échanger des papiers pour essayer de sauver au Pays de Mayana des griffes de l'infernale sorcière Ledina et ses forces perverses.


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ドラえもん のび太のねじ巻き都市冒険記, 1h39
Genres Science-fiction, Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Mise en scène d'un chat, Extra-terrestres, Films pour enfants, Extraterrestre
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki
Note63% 3.1596053.1596053.1596053.1596053.159605
Suneo is boasting about his private ranch to Nobita, Gian, and Shizuka. Fed up, Nobita says that he will show his own ranch to them. When Doraemon refuses to help him, Nobita tries to find a way and discovers that Doraemon has won several lotteries that award "planets", though all of them are nothing more than inhabitable asteroids. When his friends come, Nobita shows a random planet to them, but to his surprise they arrive at a habitable and lush planet. Using a clockwork screw, they bring life to several toys and go on to build a toy town. Doraemon also builds an Egg Factory which gives birth living toys through toy eggs and a Photocopy Mirror. While capturing several satellite photos, they notice a shining substance inside a crater. Nobita and his friends go to explore the crater, but are hindered by a storm that wash them up to the shore. Returning to the city, they discover that the lightning-struck Egg Factory have produced toys that have human-like intelligence. Meanwhile, an escaped convict, Onigoro Kumatora, lets slip to Nobita's house and enters the toy city. When Nobita and his friends are distracted, Onigoro steals their city map, copies himself in the Egg Factory and with his copies travels to the crater.
ドラえもん のび太とふしぎ風使い, 1h24
Genres Fantasy, Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Mise en scène d'un chat, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki, Mika Kanai, Rikako Aikawa, Yōsuke Akimoto, Takanobu Hozumi, Kazunari Tanaka
Note68% 3.449493.449493.449493.449493.44949
When a mysterious tomb in a faraway land is opened by storm villagers, two strange spheres and the spirit of an ancient wizard, called Uranda sama, leader of Storm village are set free. The ancient wizard goes and takes the body of wolf. One of the spheres ends up in Nobita's neighborhood. Next one goes and ends up in wind village. As first one breaks open, an odd cyclone creature is set free. First, Suneo had got it and he tried to catch it and make his pet but he was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Nobita was eating ice cream to his way back home but unfortunately that odd cyclone snatched it. Nobita followed it and then the cyclone threw the ice cream at the head of Gian. Due to this he becomes angry and he tries to beat Nobita but he ends up with a crash in a trash box. then the cyclone followed Nobita and went inside home. It created a disaster in his home and also troubled Nobita's mom. Then he liked it so much that he wanted to keep it. While trying to take care of it, Nobita tried to hide it from his mom. So he made its appearance like doll in manga (a soft toy machine camera to make it as a toy). Then he takes it to Shizuka to show her. But Fuuko runs away after getting scolded by Nobita for blowing Shizuka's Skirt up. Then at last Nobita found it. Then he gives a name Fuko to it. He declared that Fuuko is a girl( female). As there was no space in the Nobita's neighbourhood, he and his friends with Doraemon go somewhere at Anywhere door but they are accidentally taken to a location hidden from the rest of the world: the Wind Village. There they discover different types of creatures and meet some incredible people and also made friends with Temujin and his family. They enjoy there very much and played a game with Temujin. Nobita wins the game with good shots. In evening they return from Anywhere door. They left Fuuko at Wind Village. Seeing the Anywhere door, the ancient wizard also comes through it. Then it takes the body of Suneo. Meanwhile, Temujin discovers next sphere. But it flies away and goes to wizard. Next day Doraemon and his friends again visit Wind Village. They meet Storm Villagers and also the wizard in the appearance of Suneo. They get surprised. Then they attack them and in this process they capture Fuuko and also steal Doraemon's pocket. They trap Fuuko in a prison and they have enjoyment. Meanwhile, Doraemon and his friends go to prison and free Fuuko. There caused massive typhoons throughout the land. Doraemon and the others then join forces with the Wind Village to prevent the worst from happening. At this process, Fuuko loses her power and goes somewhere far. Nobita fell into a trap and reunited with Fuuko when he tried to help Shizuka when she fell. A yak advised Nobita to take care of Fuuko and not to bring her near the red jewel sphere. when Uranda sama woke Mafuuga the dragon in front of the red jewel, Fuuko's soul along with another soul. Then Suneo becomes normal. One of the person of storm village was most wanted criminal of twenty-second century.He was an archaeologist.He controlled the dragon Mafuuga (formerly by the ancient wizard Uranda sama and trapped the wizard in a spirit capturing cage. Nobita took a heavy sword to thrash him but in vain. Then Fuuko went to the volcano to make herself to fire and went to the opposite direction (swirling herself while Mafuuga was swirling in Fuuko's Opposite direction.) She gave up her life, leaving the soft toy she wore. Nobita was in tears. He vowed that he wouldn't forget her till his last breath. Then he took the soft toy (Suneo said to Gian to leave Nobita alone for a few minutes when Gian wanted to comfort Nobita.Then time patrol came to capture the crook. So he was captured by time patrol and Nobita bids goodbye to Temujin and his family and hugged the soft toy. Doraemon and his friends returned home.
ドラえもん のび太とロボット王国(キングダム), 1h20
Genres Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Mise en scène d'un chat, Extra-terrestres, Films pour enfants, Extraterrestre
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki, Houko Kuwashima, Chiharu Niiyama, Takanobu Hozumi, Masako Nozawa, Rikako Aikawa
Note66% 3.3394853.3394853.3394853.3394853.339485
Doraemon and friends travels into another world via the time machine; where humans and robots are living together. However they soon find out that the Empress of Robot Kingdom was trying to capture robots there and turn them emotionless. As the situation goes tense, our heroes sets out to stop the Empress and her plan.
ドラえもん のび太の宇宙漂流記, 1h33
Genres Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, L'environnement, Le futur, Mise en scène d'un chat, Extra-terrestres, Space opera, Films pour enfants, Extraterrestre, Invasion extraterrestre, Film catastrophe
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki, Fuyumi Shiraishi, Masako Nozawa, Mayumi Shō, Tesshō Genda, Kinryū Arimoto
Note63% 3.193133.193133.193133.193133.19313
The film is the second in the series to parody the original Star Wars trilogy. In the film, Doraemon and friends find themselves in an interstellar war where an army (based on the Galactic Empire) is trying to take over Earth. Of course, our heroes joins another army (based on the Rebel Alliance) to stop the antagonists.
ドラえもん のび太と銀河超特急, 1h37
Genres Science-fiction, Action, Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Mise en scène d'un chat, Extra-terrestres, Films pour enfants, Extraterrestre
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki, Ryōichi Tanaka, Kaneto Shiozawa, Kazue Ikura, Minoru Yada, Yōsuke Akimoto
Note68% 3.4231653.4231653.4231653.4231653.423165
Doraemon went missing for 3 days. But it turns out later that he went to the 22nd century to buy a mystery galactic express train ticket whose destination is a secret until the passengers arrive there and see for themselves.
ドラえもん のび太の創世日記, 1h38
Genres Science-fiction, Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Mise en scène d'un chat, Mise en scène d'un insecte, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki
Note65% 3.292693.292693.292693.292693.29269
Nobita was reading a picture book. In that he sees Adam and Eve disobeying God and eating the apple in the garden of Eden. Nobita comments that their descendants have to face many difficulties because of Adam and Eve's mistake. Then Doraemon reminds Nobita that he had to do his summer vacation research homework. Then Nobita decides to see his friends research homework. As Dekisugi ranks first in the class, he decides to see his project first. Then Nobita finds that Dekisugi has finished his research on Ninjutsu. Then Nobita goes to see on what is Shisuka researching. Then he finds Shisuka is keeping observatory on The Morning glory plant. Then he goes to see what is Gian doing and he discovers that Gian has done nothing on his project. Then Gian and Nobita go to see what Suneo is doing and they see that Suneo is filling helium in a balloon with a letter containing a telephone card. The person who finds the letter gets the telephone card. He will receive location of where the balloon dropped by telephone, and then he will record it on his map. Then Suneo can record everyday's weather and wind direction. Then Gian threatens Suneo and gets a share of his project. Nobita gets frustrated and blames Adam and Eve.
ドラえもん のび太と夢幻三剣士, 1h39
Genres Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Mise en scène d'un chat, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki, Ryōichi Tanaka, Ryōko Kinomiya, Masashi Hirose, Yūsaku Yara, Daisuke Gōri
Note71% 3.5851053.5851053.5851053.5851053.585105
Tired of constantly having nightmares, Nobita ask for Doraemon to bring a Dream Machine which would allow Nobita to dream of anything he wants. After an attempt to have a dream about the fall of Atlantis fails, he chooses a dream where he is in a fantasy world with an inspiration from The Three Musketeers.Doraemon disagrees and gives him a lecture which makes Nobita angry and he runs away from home.Doraemon searches him and promises him to let him watch the dream of The Three Musketeers. Doraemon sends him to the dream. At the start of the dream he meets a fairy who brings him to the attacked city. Enemies start firing at Nobita, only to be saved by the fairy. She cuts off the piece of moon, causing Nobita to blow away. When he gets up he finds himself at the forest and one of the Sherogani swordsman namely Suneo makes him his slave.
ドラえもん のび太のワンニャン時空伝, 1h24
Genres Aventure, Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Mise en scène d'un chat, Mise en scène d'un chien, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki, Megumi Hayashibara, Tomokazu Seki, Hisao Egawa, Mika Kanai, Toshio Furukawa
Note68% 3.43873.43873.43873.43873.4387
An elderly dog goes to a time machine, which he plans to use to drive to the future so he can meet with "someone" who gives him a kendama. However, the machine encounters "temporal turbulence" and goes haywire and the dog is regressed back to his infant state, eventually found by a researcher cat.
映画ドラえもん のび太の恐竜, 1h32
Réalisé par Hiroshi Fukutomi
Genres Science-fiction, Fantasy, Aventure, Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Dinosaure, La préhistoire, Mise en scène d'un chat, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki, Seizō Katō, Kazuyo Aoki, Kazuhiko Inoue
Note70% 3.516333.516333.516333.516333.51633
Suneo shows everyone but Nobita a fossil of dinosaur claw. Angry, Nobita claims he will be able to find a living dinosaur. As Doraemon refuses to help him, he digs on a hillside, but instead earns punishment from a landlord nearby who forces him to unearth a hole in the ground. He finds an egg-shaped stone underneath and quickly uses a time wrap to return it to its former form and after warming it, the egg hatches to reveal a Futabasaurus, who is subsequently named Piisuke by Nobita. Instead of immediately showing it to the others, Nobita waits it grow while making a deal with others. As Piisuke grows too large and is in danger of being found, Doraemon and Nobita transport him to 100 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous period. They are attacked by a mysterious assailant who previously tried to make a deal with Nobita to sell Piisuke, though they manage to escape. Left with no proof, Nobita instead shows them Piisuke through a television monitor, but realizes that he and Doraemon had unknowingly transported Piisuke to the North American shore after the time machine was attacked by the assailant. They and the others decide to go there, but the time machine is overloaded and crashes off.
ドラえもん のび太のドラビアンナイト, 1h39
Genres Fantasy, Aventure, Animation
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Voyage dans le temps, Mise en scène d'un chat, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Kaneta Kimotsuki
Note69% 3.493653.493653.493653.493653.49365
With Doraemon's "Storybook Shoes" gadget, he and Nobita go to different stories to watch them. Nobita asks Doraemon to allow him to share this gadget with Shizuka and Doraemon agrees. While going to call Shizuka from her home, Gian and Suneo catch him and use his shoes to go into the stories. Nobita leaves them and goes to call Shizuka. On the other hand, Gian and Suneo mix up all the story books and before Nobita came they left. When Nobita and Shizuka jump into the story, they get surprised to see that all the stories have got mixed. Both Nobita and Shizuka decide to leave but Shizuka accidentally loses her shoes and remain in the story book. Nobita goes out and his mother burns all the story books, so that Nobita will get rid of them. When Nobita comes to know that all the books are burned and Shizuka is still in the book, he Doraemon, Gian and Suneo go back in time to the Ancient Baghdad to search for her where they meet Caliph Harun al-Rashid.